Joe Biden gives Speech and Quickly LOSES Control

Joe Biden was campaigning for fellow democrat Terry in Virginia and this happened rather quickly after he said this…


Joe Biden talks about Donald Trump and his Brain Gives Out

T – S H I R T S –

T W I T T E R –

I N S T A G R A M –

P A T R E O N –

T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G !

#JoeBiden #Virginia

Written by John Talks


  1. America, you have an imp for President.
    You've just had the best president in decades in Trump and now you're left with that mindless buffoon in Biden.
    He's the comedy that keeps on making the world laugh.
    Every nations leader pokes fun at Biden.
    He truly is a joke, and evil sick joke!

  2. biden verbally fumbles the follow (in his mixed-up mind): "Thank God….Alabama has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the Country…I'm genuinely complementing her!". The shocking look on Gov Terry's face is priceless!!

  3. Speaking of Pandemics..the Biden administration is doing a good job of spreading it all over America with their transportation of the virus from untested, unvaccinated illegals??