Joe Biden GIVES UP. Admits “There’s Nothing That Can Be Done”, He Is Totally DEFEATED.


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  1. Maybe he'll cure cancer instead LOL
    When is common sense going to kick in? When will people accept that covy is here to stay and there is no stopping it…at least not with our current state of medical technology. Learn to live with it people.

  2. No federal solution but a federal problem ! This was brought to us and the world by federal employees. How.on earth did dr falsi know that President Trump would face a pandemic well over two years before it happened. Because he paid for and planned it with chinas help, paid for by the federal government with US taxpayer dollars

  3. That healthcare in the US is the worst on the planet is one reason the US has been hit hard by "The Virus".
    US healthcare is run for profit not for the health of the nation, which is the real killer.
    Biden still sucks though.

  4. Hey Joe….Pharma makes billions of $$$$$$$$$$ from cancer Rx so they won't let you cure cancer. And you will go silent with that as you and those in congress get $$$ from the Pharma lobbyists.

  5. I hope the entire Republican congress starts chanting "Let's go Brandon!" at the State of the Union. And, don't stop for the entire speech.

    Or better yet, one starts. Nancy has the Sargent of Arms remove them. Then the next one picks up. They keep it going until their half of the House is empty. Then people will realize the true nature of these frauds.

    or they all wear shirts saying it and one by one take off their suit coats once he starts speaking. Or better yet, Congresswoman Lauren Bobert should have a dress made with the print saying Let's Go Brandon! But, small enough that it only gets picked up in pictures. Men could have ties made.

    They really need to make a statement.

  6. So much for shouting the vaccine lol 😆 😂 where all his 80 million voter at now. This moron has done nothing but take credit for what Trump did 🤣🤣🤣

  7. we would be in a better position if we had let it to the states to handle it instead of the federal government. dems rejected trumps suggestion of locking down travel back in jan 2020 and then a couple months later were claiming it was trumps fault we didnt lock down sooner.

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