Joe Biden Goes Insane Again, Starts Talking About Drinking Kid Blood

He thought this was witty:


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#Biden #Dementia


  1. Styx…ALL Democrats want to Defund the Police. Do you hear any of them denouncing each other who say it publicly? Nope. Its time to stop giving 'free passes' to the Left. They are now the Marxist-Democrat party. They are all in it together without exception.

  2. ???them eating babys is the least of our problems now gill bates still plans to put to sleep 10 to 15% of the worlds population that is over 700'000000 just what are your ods? btw the uk vax minister fesed up they are usein placebo them giving them a cert card that is game over this must stop now REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??

  3. i once thought the satanic vampirism of children was just a conspiracy phy-op, like reptilians or what not. i bet the democrats are trying all sorts of weird shit to keep Biden from becoming even more of a rotten carcass, though i wonder how they were able to swindle the devil, what with the fact that they have no soul.

  4. I don't know what's more terrifying of a thought: that our leadership is really this incompetent, or that a shadowy cabal controlling all of them actually wants to incite a revolution.

  5. I am sick and tired of hearing people defend that piece of trash (Astrisk) President saying it is sad and he should be in a home. No, he deserves the death sentance for treason and corruption. He is supposedly the president Elect but has RUINED the lives of Americans his whole disgusting career and now he is being a traitor. No. In a position of such power and to be corrupt deserves the worst of punishments if not life in prison, this includes Harris, Pelosi, Newsome, Lightfoot, the squad and all the other corrupt and evil fucks deserve to pay.

    You do not get to have such crazy power then use it to ruins lives to make money and gain power over people. He and his administartion have proven they are all nothing but blatent and true traitors. There is no "Oh, well they cost hundereds of thousands of lives, destroyed the economy and sold us out to Russia and China.. But ya know, they should just get to go back to living their own lives and finish it happily. Ya know, like how if parents wanted to sell their kids into slavery and ruin their lives and then in their old age, after having completely destroted the lives of the children for some money and favors, they get to relax on all the money they made after finally selling the kids off so they could have some peace. Fair."

  6. There's always some hidden truth in what they let slip. Yes, as crazy and bizarre as it sounds, I do believe there are some of them who could possibly be drinking the blood of children to retain their youth. That's why they are so gung ho regarding uncontrolled immigration from countries that tend to have a lot of children who they consider as merchandise.

  7. Remember Pelosi three sheets to the wind from Crown Royal on the tarmac? She claimed the video was "doctored" and that made it appear she was slurring her words. Turned out it was a live video and the guy was paid handsomely to say he "doctored" it and then FB fact checkers took it down. Then Judicial Watch did a foia request on her per diem receipts from that flight that showed she had spent hundreds of tax payers money on those little bottles they sell in first class at $10 a pop. Just how soused was she? You don't get that on the MSM, no wonder they want to censor FB and YT.