Joe Biden IMPLODES Completely As First Year Of FAILURE Wraps UP!


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  1. its appalling that he even got elected. shame on you america for voting this pile of crap into office and shame on you trump for losing an election to this feeble minded, mediocre and pathetic excuse of man, let alone president. i can never forgive you for this travesty.

  2. For all of you out there that are old enough to remember Jimmy Carter would have some idea of what I'm talking about. Joe Biden is a lot like Jimmy Carter but with a socialist tyrannical twist similar nature to Senator Palpatine from Star Wars but with dementia. In the future if you want to prevent this type of person from ever getting the office of the presidency you would not ever vote for a Democrat ever I ever ever again

  3. Biden is not capable of sending tweets. Don't know how stupid this Administration thinks we are.
    I was wondering where Biden was handling these costs. Also he had to pay for the wall whether or not he builds the wall. So l don't know how much he had to pay per day – l think it was 500 thousand a day. Could be less. Plus we are dependent on OPEC for our needs. Plus if course there are barges afloat in the Pacific am pretty sure that is co a ting a lot of money too. Then there is Chins and Russia laughing at us. Who is this idiot? I want to know who encourage him to run?

  4. As much as I despise Covid Joe, it will be a travesty of Biblical proportions if Kamala Harris becomes the first female President of the United States between now and Nov 2024. The first female President should be a moment all Americans are proud of, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on. It will be repulsive if Kamala backs into the Oval office as the first female POTUS due to Biden being no longer able to handle daily tasks due to dementia worsening. Kamala is the slimiest snake in the Swamp who is completely unlikeable.

  5. And that senile old fart said if president Trump runs he'd better run again. Since he has no legacy & NEVER will he must want to run again to torture America some more.

  6. Total disaster of a year, it started with a president entering the white house, who never won the 2020 election. Trump won the 2020 election, and was robbed of a second term in office. If it was not rigged this year would have been great under Trump. Anyone who believe that the 2020 election was not rigged, then you are living on another planet, it is so easy to see it was rigged. Number one, At Trump rallies there was thousands up on thousands there with hundreds locked outside that could not fit in, then the Biden rallies ,when he could be bothered to come out of his basement, had only a few hundred there, Number two, Biden said he did not need your votes to win the 2020 election ,yes he knew it was going to be rigged. number three, Biden said that the democrats had got together for the 2020 elction the best fraudulent team ever. Number four, Obama said he would like another term in office ,but from behind the scenes, this is why America is in trouble right now. Number five, By getting Biden 81 million votes they made it to obvious it was rigged , Biden getting more votes than any other president in history ,bull crap. Trump got 10 million more votes than he did in 2016. Then in the middle of the night Biden takes the lead with 81 million votes never. It was rigged from top to bottom ,by a load of different organisations. The only people who are getting hurt now by this rigged election are the America citizens. Roll on 2022 and 2024 and the best president in American history will be back to help the American citizes make America great again and take the keys to the white house back from this disgusting and incompetent far left administration and put the adults back into the whit house. Happy New Year to everyone around the world.

  7. ln a short amount of time, Biden "The Butcher" now has history of committing a few acts of treason, including selling our emergency fuel reserves to china. This is just another example that the demoNcratic party is an anti american, pro domestic terrorist organization, and have been for the past 108 years – turning bankers into "banksters."

  8. Funny… didn't Biden claim he would also stop cancer along with covid…Biden is full of 🐂💩 and a major 🤡 to the world.
    Biden lives in a dream reality in his head. So out of touch with reality and what Americans want. Biden was selected, not elected by the people.

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