Joe Biden in… National Lampoon’s European Vacation


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  1. Putin is going to have a blast the next four years just throwing insults at this President. He knows how the game works, and he's a good sport. He's just going to go get another oil pipeline or two approved by Biden and not rock the boat. Sure, he may have to buy some art at auction to support unwanted stripper babies and drug addictions, but we'll never know.

  2. Do you have an idea what age are your subscribers? It seems to me that the comment section is full of "brainiacs" of tiktok notoriety. (Oh the humanity…)

  3. I spit out my soda when you said Biden is sharp as a tack, don't forget, you too can help hunter launder money and pay back that advance he got on his book that tanked, by spending outrageous amounts of money on paintings hunter makes using his old snorting straws. You can't make this stuff up.

  4. Well Biden shutting down oil the borders and he gave Putin a list of the top 16 things to destroy in America. Well that should make things easier for Putin to take down America and help put China in charge. Makes me feel warm all over how about you

  5. Did he give that cyber list to the dudes that had the Bitcoin private keys? I mean UNO, these dudes hacked a US company but LOL didn't have the brains to secure the funds. UNO gaining private keys is simple right? All these lost bitcoins over time are still LOL lost for a very good reason. I smell a ransom rat here!

  6. Isn’t giving a list of your country’s critical infrastructure to a known hostile nation a form of treason? Seriously, if anyone else did this they’d be tried in federal court, but if Biden does it then it’s fine?