Joe Biden INTERVENES In British Politics & BREAKS Diplomacy

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. As time goes by it’s more apparent that the Biden administration is riding on a tsunami to collapse the world economies and reap the benefits! The Whitehouse is fronting the WEF and the UN, we are all in trouble as long as the CULT remains in power, both sides of the pond!

  2. In 2 years Sleepy Joe has taken the thriving US economy which Trump left & trampled it in the dirt. Thankfully for the US the Republicans should give the Democrats a good drubbing in the upcoming midterms. Unfortunately here in the UK we have no viable conservative party ; at present.

  3. WTF why has Biden got a say in anything to do with UK politics is absolute LUNACY!! He can't even run his own countries policies. He is a doddering buffoon who should be in a old peoples home or a lunatic asylum, I'm not sure which!

  4. fyi. america has a VERY progressive tax rate, so much so, that around 50% of workers do not pay any federal income tax and most of them will receive some kind of govt benefit.
    also, Joe biden has always been an idiot.

  5. America has done this to many countries they cant help themselves how many wars have they started they lie to suit the narrative we have the to get these tyrants out of power hunt is evil

  6. Joe biden is destroying the USA,he is just a walking corpse we should tell him to piss off.there is now millions of people who regret trump is not in power

  7. Biden can't even run his own bath, let alone his country. We have enough trouble with our government without that imbecile trying to give his "advice". He should be in the circus not in the White House.

  8. he is doing such a terrible job if you are an average american but if you are a globalists who wants to destroy your living standards he is doing great.much like our own politicians.i am amazed at how people let them away with it all again n again.

  9. Ok you should whip on the Bushes as well . They are for unlimited immigration and are in bed with the elites. G w bush declared 2 wars and ran one out 20 yrs and destroyed the US military.

  10. Tell that pompous bastard to go home,and fix his broken country,he is the modern virus of Democrats that infect the the common sense ,of The way America’s think,there is not a honest political person in the Biden administration.amen

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