Joe Biden is an embarrassment to America: Nigel Farage

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage weighs in on Europe’s dependence on Russian energy and reacts to Biden’s approval ratings.

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  1. Nigel Farage is a fan of war criminal Putin and a general loud mouthed incompetent, so is Trump. Putin's aim is to divide the west by using "useful idiots" these two loud mouthed morons are his favourite idiots.

  2. Somebody told me that Putin will be installing Nigel as his puppet dictator when he has murdered enough people to take over Ukraine. Genius! Apparently Trump refused the offer because he doesn't trust Putin's cups of tea and the golf greens are all cut up by Putin's tanks.

  3. Sundowner's Syndrome

    the name given to an ailment that causes symptoms of confusion after “sundown.” These symptoms appear in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s

  4. So Mr brexit him self Nigel wants to join the conversation about Joe biden's behavior he's an insider but yet he doesn't speak about the agenda 2030 we're all NATO leaders are gang members in the chaos going on in America and across the globe

  5. Just like the English always hiding in the basement depending on America to fight its battles.. notice Nigel like the rest of these Mafia gangsters make no mention of the the bio weapon labs. Me for one being a citizen of the world appreciate the role Russia has played and destroying the bio weapon Labs of mass destruction in the Ukraine after living through 2 years of hell because of the same type of mad science call the gain of function that has been more devastating to humanity than any other event and human history

  6. These comments are priceless coming from Farage, this toad has done more to embarrass Britain on the world stage than anybody. As for Biden being an embarrassment for the US I as a Brit, don't buy it, the bar for "appeasement to Putin and utter embarrassment" was set so high by Trump that we in Europe are just glad that simpleton is gone.
    One question, could Trump have put an alliance together like Biden? I know you right-wingers will say yes, but here in the real world we know the answer is a categorical no…he'd ruin it in hours by taking offense if another leader failed to agree with him 100% and upset his childlike ego.
    You might not like Biden but a majority of your countrymen voted him in, and those of us outside the US on both the right and left are thankful we have a US president who doesn't continually suck up to the dictators of the world.

  7. One thing for sure, Biden has successfully divided the world into two blocks this time.

    With mounting restlessness from constant threats of sanctions at every step faced by all countries outside NATO for years and years, moreover, by massacring of millions in Middle East only to demonstrate power, US already had created more of enemies than friends. Now, nobody believes in US politicians because, they've been constantly betraying and breaching trust and agreements since yonder years. Even, US partners in Europe are dissatisfied but, cannot openly come out because, they are heavily dependent on US.

    And then arrives Biden who with his arrogance and overzealous ambitions has nailed the begining of the end of US supremacy by manufacturing another provoked war in Ukraine which was essential for US to support its arms and ammunitions industry suffering from poor sales for last 2 years owing to COVID.

    Ukraine war is nothing but, effect of lust for power and wealth of US.

    We're surely going to see new economy emerging away from dollar control since now.

    No doubt, US will fight tooth and nail to protect its dollar domination which will further escalate violent response and deteriorate present situation unless US surrenders ego and senses prevail in power and wealth mongers

    If world war happens to take place it'll be US which will force the war.
    But, that war will end the super power tag of US for them to end up becoming a normal power just like any other developed nation.

    Only sensibility of US can prevent the war and not by cornering Russia who had been sent to a desperate situation.
    One miscalculation and billions will disappear in a matter of 2-3 days only to repent about ego.

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