Joe Biden is An Unrepentant RACIST And He Gets A Free Pass From The Left

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  1. Sir, I am tired of hearing from you about you not knowing why Bernie adopted this or that policy from the democrats, or from extreme leftists, or whomever else you feel he adopted policies from. He's just like most other politicians. He's weak, and would be a terrible leader of this country. You should simply be glad he showed his weakness to the world when he let protesters take his Mic from him; he let the democrats steal his opportunity to run for president; and he's willing to adopt the policies of anyone that might garner him a little more power; and he's a socialist.

  2. I love King of the Hill. There was one racist character that hates people from Vietnam and Hank kept telling his neighbor to be careful. But when the racist guy met him, he looked at him for a second and went "you're Laosian."

  3. This is political correctness. It starts with the idea that there is a correct politics. If you have the correct politics then no rules apply to you, until someone with more correct politics has a conflict with you. When that happens you no longer matter.

  4. Joe Biden is literally the epitome of every concept of a "creepy uncle Joe" that menacingly lurks around at parties, is overtly & openly racist and is far too "handsy" with women, relatives or otherwise.

  5. I'm not too proud to say I can't tell what country an Asian is from just by looking at them. They probably can't tell us apart from Canadians. I don't think that's a result of racism though.

  6. Not just a racist, Tim you seen the videos from he svearing in senators as VP? Am shocked after seen his behavior tuching 10+ kids in an none propert way during that photoshoot with their senator parents!

  7. Why is it an ego trip to tell the truth? Why should Trump not talk about the opportunities he has created that pushed black education, earnings, entrepreneurship, and employment into the stratosphere?

    How about the overturning of egregious srntences? Should he not mention these good things out loud?

  8. The best defense to crony governance is a great offense. With Trump in office, the left fills that role while the right scrubs the left. If everything is quiet then it gets dangerous. Understand that political competition is the only way to keep this system as clean as possible. Make them fight like rabid dogs, but do it in a targeted fashion.

  9. I remember watching Nailed it on Netflix once and they were tasked with making a Trump cake. The black chick was upset while the Hispanic lady was singing his praises. I swear she tried to make an American flag Cape out of fondant. The white dude stayed quiet.

    It's still my favorite episode by far.

  10. They believe these things themselves.
    Seen the video where leftists think voter id is racist because black people can't figure out how to get a DL or use the internet?