Joe Biden is dividing America

Andrew Doyle, Tom Slater and Fraser Myers look back on the president’s first year in office.

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Written by spiked


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  1. Why don't you talk about the Jan 6th suspects held without trial and subjected to what one judge called torture? Random beatings, lack of food, sleep deprivation? Why don't you talk about his televised admission of Quid Pro Quo (which Wikipedia being biased calls a "conspiracy theory") with Ukraine when he got Viktor Shokin fired in order to stop investigating his son. A corrupt President engaging in the unlawful detainment and torture of Trespassing suspects is a little more important than his bumbling Press conferences. Being divisive is the least of Bare Shelves Biden's crimes.

  2. The democrat party is the home of racism. It was true historically, and it remains so today. They no longer own the person, but they still seek to own your mind by using race to divide and capture us.

  3. The left can't learn the idpol lesson because they're caught in a dialectical trap. The theory can't beat liberalism's ability to achieve results in the real world, so it's stuck in a self destructive Hegelian death spiral.

  4. Worth bearing in mind that Trump's approval rating was in the face of near universal hostile media coverage. Biden's approval rating has tanked despite near universal media sycophancy and softballing.

  5. the reason the kamala [and Hillary] are so inept in conversation are that they are wearing leftist identitarianism as a mask. they are both, since childhood, conservative, but have abandoned that for the lure of political opportunism.

  6. You mention the "Tulsa Massacre" without noting that Biden's adoption of its new name is divisive. It was not a massacre even though a similar number of people died as during the "peaceful protests" following the drug-fuelled heart attack of St Floyd. Both were a series of violent events following a perceived racist incident.

    Wikipedia prior to February 2020 called it "The Tulsa race riot (also called the Tulsa massacre, Greenwood Massacre, or the Black Wall Street Massacre) of 1921". The similar events in 2020 are documented as "protests" by the venerable encyclopedia.

  7. I can only conclude that Spiked correspondents have spent little time in the US.
    "Systemic racism" is not a Woke exaggeration — it is ingrained into EVERY part of American society. Far from focusing on it, the media ignore it and pretend it is over!
    And, it disturbs me that Spiked repeats various "Hillary Clinton lost because…" fictions.
    Clinton WON the popular vote by 3 MILLION! Only the ludicrous Electoral College kept her out of the White House. Her campaign and political positions were hugely endorsed by the American people.
    Stop this nostalgia for Trump! Will you be so enthusiastic when/if he actually does manage a "coup" in 2022 and 2024?

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