Joe Biden Is Entangled With Hunter, Their BANK ACCOUNTS Were SHARED

Guest: Andrew Heaton
@MightyHeaton (Twitter)
The Political Orphanage (Podcast)

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. and if you think the republicans will do anything to clean the swamp then you have not been paying attention to politics Like I have been for the past 50 years. They Never do anything.

  2. I think that is how we one-up other side with this sort of mocking: "Yeah, the CIA is honest and virtuous." Say the sort of shit that anyone you hadn't just fallen out of their momma would know is bullshit.

  3. Y’all do realize they or only bringing this up now to make Joe start a war with the Russians to keep him out of trouble…. They knew he was compromised they placed him there allowed him and his son to be corrupt that way when this time came they could force his hand to start ww3 they want to go to war

  4. It's so amazing how corrupt the Democrat party is, and how many Democrat voters are okay with that. This is how the Nazi party rose to power in Germany.

  5. Joe Biden molested his daughter according to her Diary that was out there hehe and the son is just like his father , they or only in the position they or in because they or completely controllable.

  6. Nothing will happen. The Clintons got away with everything and so will the Bidens. Politicias, specially the more powerful, rarely (if ever) get punished.

  7. None of what they said about Donald Trump was true of Donald Trump, but all of it, and more, is true of Joe Biden. He is the most corrupt American politician ever. Very rarely has there ever been an American citizen as corrupt. Our country was bought, our president is a paid betrayer.

    I want impeachment, conviction, and execution all in the same week. We need to install another form of government, and dismiss the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches as corrupt, or the United States of America is over.

    The republic has already failed. Keeping the country together in another form is the ONLY way forward. Perhaps a triumvirate, seating Donald Trump, a reliable governor, and a Supreme Court Justice… until we can reestablish the three branches again. (Admittedly, that is how Julius Caesar came to power, which began the Roman Empire, but caesarism is one of the BETTER options facing us now, as long as we get the right emperor. We just need to maintain civilian control of the country, and avoid allowing a general to come to power.)

    Then we break up the tech monopolies, and media conglomerates, nationalize the banks if necessary, and tame Big Pharma.

  8. …when are you people at the FBI, and by "you people" I mean every one of you fucking completely corrupt individuals that sit on your ass and seem happy and are cheering as y'all watch this country go straight down the shitter, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB…

  9. Remember when Trump jr had an meeting with some Russians during the 2016 campaign, and congress supeonaed him and grilled him for hrs for having a meeting. And they were trying to disqualify Trump because of it.

  10. My mother liked Trump because he seemed to be a good father, despite all his faults.
    Lucky they basically put people in house arrest for the last two years, and my mother does not watch the news.

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