Joe Biden Is Up To His Elbows In Ukraine

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  1. I Love these two sooo much . But I have to say I me and my wife are always disappointed when POB does not end his wonderful show with what made him . Spitting on the screen . Oh well he does look all grown up now . Good luck POB and all the SPECIAL peeps . X

  2. The MSM backed President is up to tits on Ukraine corruption?
    Oh well, that wouldn't mean there would be a conflict of interest for the MSM on reporting the Ukraine war. That would be Russian propaganda conspiracy theory.

  3. "But there are other possible reasons [that Biden pressured Ukraine to fire a state prosecutor investigating the company at which his son worked]." There are, but we all know that the obvious conflict of interest alone would be enough – were the parties involved switched – for Democrats to immediately move to impeach. Trump simply having a phone call with the Ukraine president in which he asked him to look into the matter was enough for Democrats to put this country through a months-long impeachment farce. It's maddening watching Biden get away with this shit, when Trump couldn't so much as pass gas without a special hearing being assembled to investigate.

  4. i mean, there is no suprise here tbh. Biden has already been caught on video admitting being responsible for the prosecutor being fired, all of it was ignored.
    Fun part is they cant pass it off as being mentally unwell seeing it would be agreeing with the concerns regarding his mental decline – but if it isnt then all the really incriminating shit he has been caught saying (admitting to this and calling his election a fraud, something like "the most diverse and expensive fraud-") is him admitting to everyones faces hes guilty and he doesnt give a fuck if people know.

    Almost as if he is untouchable now.

  5. What is interesting is the amount of time Biden puts into international phone calls with foreign actors, but doesn’t allow open questions from American media, that haven’t been vetted and invests less time doing so.

  6. Let us never forget the Democrats actually impeached President Trump for a phone call with the Ukrainian head of State – for apparently requesting conditions be met before aid money was sent (despite the money already being sent).
    Projection is basically the Democrat parties whole MO at this point…

  7. Hmmmm, November 22, on a Tuesday, the last time the that day and date coincided was 2016. Clearly, this conversation happened just after Trump was elected and was about to move in the following January.

  8. A lot of people miss the forest for the trees, meaning if whatever Biden was doing in Ukraine was legitimate business of the state, of the United States Government, why would it need to be concealed? Why would they need to hide it? They wouldn't. It wouldn't matter who was president, or which political party had gained control of the congress. They wouldn't need to shutdown, conceal or destroy evidence of anything, if what they were doing were legitimate. If however, Biden and others in the United States Government, used state power and influence to enrich themselves or their families, suddenly, it matters a lot who is in charge, and a great deal needs to be concealed and disposed of.

  9. And they send Billions to Ukraine and guess what they have caught a lot of the top tier government Ukrainian's with luggage full of dollars that they have stolen, millions upon millions of our tax money. AND BIDEN KEEPS SENDING MORE!

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