Joe Biden Jumps the Shark with Most Bizarre Prime Time Address Ever

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Written by Mark Dice

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  1. Interesting how Jean Pierre basically says that if you aren’t in the majority you are an extremist. Which she’s wrong about the numbers anyway, but I’m pretty sure our system is set up specifically to safeguard the minority. That is why we live in a constitutional republic NOT a democracy

  2. We just had 4 years of everyone freaking out about authoritarianism.. Biden literally channels Adolf Hitler and Stalin and they cheer him… These same people. What has happened to the left other than some mind virus?.. They've lost their minds.

  3. Your administration is not normal you clown. The Constitution has been under attack by leftist Democrat's to change it or even nullify it. To have two US Marines in the background proves he is a simple idiot being controlled. Them being there violates Military Customs and Courtesies. Military members should NOT be in uniform during political activities. This was clearly that.

  4. He doesn't get out much but this is exactly what Democrats do everything destructive and twisted. My Democrat friends surprisingly don't watch the freaking news anymore. But they sure did when Trump was President just to curse him out. And when I point out all the flaws of Joe Biden they're just come out and all everybody's bad that's the answer.

  5. Pres Xi was all like, "Yeh fam…totally use the neon RED background with a couple of sexy angry looking soldiers…THAT vibe! It will exude POWER, Boo.. Bring THAT energy, Queen!. It will epically SLAY!"

  6. 20 months after you started screwing up everything that was going well in our country. You have taken incompetence and lies to a level before not seen since the Village idiot while you speak right out of a set that replicates NAZI Germany and force two Marines to stand as props in your hateful speech. I'm a proud, dyed in the wool GOP American that believes in Freedom for all.

  7. "Ve are now ze majority, haha, now, exterminate the minority!!!"
    But Joe, your success was a result of FBI and Hillary lying about you and your son's crimes.
    "You are z terrorist!!!"

  8. Stranger Things when he refers to Trump Maga it sounds like when they said Al-Qaeda and ISIS? Soon they will be rounding folks up for a train or bus ride. If you don't move now then you'll be so propagandized that you'll be arguing to get up front in the gas chamber line. Good luck dummies.

  9. This is no laughing matter. They are projecting a cw brought about by racists etc, same as last Civil War, with them on the side of the North, which is of course not historically correct.

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