Joe Biden Needs to FIRE all his COVID advisors | Jha, Walensky, Murthy & More | Here is Why

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Professor

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  1. Doc, Professor, Sir, I just sampled you saying "You have to do human studies to know the answer to that question – and you didn't do any".

    Kinda spooky! Thanks for not being an evil professor!

  2. Great vid wish you would have touched on the insane border closures and also the vaccination requirement that is STILL in place at the borders which is still keeping families apart.

  3. You spell and pronounce "hanged" weird. The way you're saying it sounds like when someone loses their job. Evil joking aside, great job laying this out. I'd probably be screaming at the camera by the time I got through half these points.

  4. I appreciate your presentation, accept how your appearance of accepting the validity of the rest of the childhood vaccine schedule is disappointing. Siting the MMR as so important as to lessen measles, which has been shown as acquired in childhood can be beneficial to your heart and the number of MMR given today is ridiculous and only benefits the big pharma. Please bring your great analysis ability to the study of all vaccines, a story worthy of your scrutiny. The future health of the population deserves the whole truth!

  5. The core of the response was based on perverse incentives. That’s why everything surrounding the perverse incentives was also nonsensical. The incentive was to experiment and get wide public acceptance of gene therapy and to dismantle regulations for introducing subsequent new gene therapy products into the public market. In addition of course to using power of government to make a shit ton of $. This is the public private partnership model-the age of fascism in the west. Expect things to get much worse.

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