Joe Biden RALLY draws HOW many in Orlando ?? ??? MORE Trump Supporters Show for Kamala Harris Speech

The Media won’t show you this…

If you haven’t seen the highlights from Kamala Harris’ Crazy speech in Orlando Florida, check out this video:


Joe Biden EVENT gets Literally ZERO Supporter Turnout in Arizona ???

Joe Biden RALLY draws HOW many People in New Hampshire?? ???

Joe Biden talks about Donald Trump and his Brain Gives Out

Joe Biden gets Absolutely NO APPLAUSE in Michigan ???

Joe Biden said something that should END his Campaign

T – S H I R T S –

T W I T T E R –

I N S T A G R A M –

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M U S I C – Kevin MacLeod


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Written by John Talks


  1. There's people that has never voted before in their lives that's gonna vote for Trump or already has in early voting. They estimates says that he will only get 5 to tp 6 percent more votes that way , but I will bet it will be more like 20 percent. Everybody is tired of the democratic crap. Trump 2020!