Joe Biden Releases Utterly Insane Student Loan Debt “Forgiveness” Plan

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  1. People like me who have debt, but it has been in arrearage for many years, and has been refinanced at least once and is in the hands of some collection agency will be excluded from this as well. Of course this "forgiveness" is going to be seen as income by the IRS and taxed so…

  2. God damn imagine being upset and triggered because someone is getting some relief. Wahwah mah tax dollars stfu cut the pocket watching you selfish ninnies jfc

  3. What gets me is that last year, I paid 13k in taxes. I am currently about 60k in debt, and at my current rate, It will take about 10 more years to pay off – I'll be 36. So effectively, this is taking the money the government stole from me last year and patting itself on the back as my savior because I will pay off my debt in 8 years instead of 10. This does nothing to help me.

    Maybe if I got 10k in cash, I could use that to help cover costs actively ruining my life, like paying $80 a week on gas or help me cover my skyrocketing rent increase for my next term. Or maybe I could make a down payment on a house or an electric vehicle (to get the libs willies excited). But no, I get to eat more inflation in the face as it drains my savings account and actively prevents me from getting solidly into the middle class.

  4. 3:11 Now…to sound like a Leftoid for a Second I ask you?
    Why the hell aren't the Leftoids and the Far Left Crucifying Pelosi and Calling for her Primarying?
    Ignorance? Ideological Bad Targets Bullshit? She corrupts the Stupid Kids too fast?
    What? and Why?

  5. Joe Biden and the Democrats have increased our national debt several times over and he's not even close to halfway through his presidency. He won't close the border and illegals flood in by the millions who can't speak our language or certainly can't write it and with such low job skills they will always be receiving government assistance and they have babies while they're here expanding further the burden on the taxpayer. Billions of dollars the Democrats are sending to the Ukraine. Now they want to assume the financial burden for paying student loan debt. ALL OF THIS IS BEING DONE ON BORROWED MONEY!

    When a nation defaults on their national debt the International Monetary Fund, kissing cousins to the World Economic Forum, steps in and imposes austerity programs. If we run up a debt so large that we default from that moment the Great Reset will begin here in America. Joe Biden seems focused on increasing our national debt beyond our wildest dreams.

  6. As George Baileys said to his brother Harry: HEE HAW!

    A Florida Judge Who Denied A Teen Girl An Abortion Because Of Her Grades Was Voted Out Of Office

    August 24, 2022, 2:17 PM·

    With the fight over abortion rights looming large over the midterm elections, voters in Florida ousted two prominent anti-abortion elected officials in separate races on Tuesday.

  7. I have $15,000 in student debt that I haven't paid a dime on in 10 years and my loans are in good standing. Take into account that this $300 billion plan wasn't getting paid annually. The money owed by students would be paid back in 10 to 20 years normally but many billions weren't going to be paid back anyways. I still disagree with the plan but I am happy that the money I owe that I wasn't gonna pay anyways will be wiped clean, suckers.

  8. More good news…

    Sean Hannity and Other Fox Stars Face Depositions in Defamation Suit

    August 25, 2022, 2:17 PM·

    Some of the biggest names at Fox News have been questioned, or are scheduled to be questioned in the coming days, by lawyers representing Dominion Voting Systems in its $1.6 billion defamation suit against the network, as the election technology company presses ahead with a case that First Amendment scholars say is extraordinary in its scope and significance.

  9. The grifting mofos should have to give back the degrees. I hate Biden's guts for this as well as everything else he's done. Anybody who is benefiting from this can kiss my ass. It's not right and you know it. F'ing grifters are pitiful and pathetic losers.

  10. Ending fed dollars in universities is the only way. Fake degrees should not be granted loans for. Parents should teach their kids about how loans work as well as teach them about predatory loans.

  11. Even as a Conservative, I agree with canceling the Student Loan Debt; this is because I can recognize two things: One, that due to prevalence of woke ideology, most college degrees have been rendered useless after the fact, and two, that for many of us who have this debt, the taking out of these loans was a choice of our parents (not our own choice) which was made when we were still minors.

    If you want a suggestion of where the money to recoup the debt loss can come from, how about from the Colleges and Universities themselves? How about we get rid of some federal agencies (like the ATF) that have no Constitutional support? Use the money saved to recoup the money lost.

    All of us who were screwed out of the jobs we earned due to bullshit hiring practices outside of our control deserve more than to be condemned to debt slavery for the rest of our lives.

  12. If Universities aren't taxed as normal corporations, don't allow them to have 10's of billions of dollars in endowment funds. All that cash just means they charged more than the service they gave cost them!

  13. This terrorist administration is completely addicted to erasing everything that makes USA… well, USA. And one of the admittedly best ways to increase the death of USA is to enforce crippling taxes and debts upon EVERYONE.
    The people that get this 'Debt Forgiveness' will feel the hurt as well in a few months or years, no-one is exempt from this Socialist insanity – except the Socialist Elite/Elite in general.

  14. The problem is that people who never attended a college and make 50-60K a year are going to be paying for people who want to college and are making 125K per year. Leaving both groups learning a lesson. The 50-60K earners uneducated politician is learning that they're getting screwed and the 125K earners are learning that it pays to be a deadbeat.

  15. Think about it.
    It was a drastically different economy in the early nineties. Interest rates weren't nearly as high as they are now. Job growth was on the rise. However, that didn't stop the policy makers from throwing all that into the shitter.
    Having a strongly educated America wasn't part of the plan so, get them into college and saddle them with crippling debt. Problem solved. It'll seam like they're participating in life, but they're really not.
    This was the blueprint for how X generation would be gate-kept from participating in the economy.
    With no economic growth Gen X would not be able to support financially candidates for office that supported their views, and therefore affect policy, and that freaked the Boomers.
    Under these circumstances Gen X couldn't buy cars, houses, or even keep a lousy checking account, to say nothing about raising a family.
    Fast forward twenty five years and ,lo and behold, the same policy makers who gutted my generation are now trying to seem friendly to a group of human beings they have nothing but contempt for.
    So you can relax assholes. I predict this 'talk' will last as long as the election cycle.

  16. A boomer says you can claim bankruptcy on a car, buic, house, ect.. but a student loan from a 18 year old no? why.. ? because they want it boths ways.. ban all bankruptcies.. no forgiveness across everything.. and then watch the cuckservative cry.

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