Joe Biden Says He Has Cancer



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  1. IMO, his dementia is exacerbated by his sociopathy. Sociopaths are obsessed/compulsive about dominating and harming others – and dysfunctional every other way. I've seen this in other people: when a sociopath loses even a little brain function, their dysfunctional personality is revealed.
    I have an adage about sociopaths, "Yes, they really are that stupid!"

  2. Nice to see Salty is the FIRST to acknowledge Democrats will steal the Mid Terms!
    Red wave my ARSE! Liberals already know how to successfully steal elections. They've stolen pretty much everything else from taxpayers!

  3. "This goofball/dip$HIT"! 🤣😂 They didn't even want him before; he was just the only one corrupt-enough, and Harris failed the debates miserably.

  4. Salty, at this point America is facing a major government crisis and other countries will handle America accordingly utilizing this weakness, so after all of this I think they used Beijing Biden's stupiditiy to give him a very good reason to resign later before 2024. So they literally plotted this sentence on the teleprompter for him to read like there was no tomorrow. This is far more dangerous for America to just ignore it while saying "this guy has dementia, he's stupid". The world sees it like this: "America has no leader anymore, it's head is dying, now it's our time to nuke the U.S." At this point the structural integrity of the White House is at risk and it is a major problem. It cannot go on like this.

  5. HE'S NOT FROM DELAWARE!!!!!!!!! I fucking hate hearing him say that. The oil slicks on the windshields in the winter, that didn't happen. Not in Delaware. My family is ACTUALLY from Delaware and has been for a few generations. Biden is lying, that shit never happened. I've asked everyone in my family that's older than me that is still alive about these recollections of the hardships of living in Delaware and they all say it's not true. He's from Pennsylvania. Maybe they had it hard in PA but the fucking cold weather didn't make oil appear on your window in Delaware, Wilmington doesn't have an "East Wilmington where (his) daughter did all of her community work" (east of the city is an industrial park, a parking lot with some skate ramps, and the fucking Delaware river. What's on the other side of the Delaware? Is it East Wilmington? No, it's fucking New Jersey.) The dude makes everything up. EVERYTHING. He's a career politician, a fucking scumbag. Come to Delaware, see the Lets Go Brandon all over. I fucking hate when this asshat talks about my home state like he is welcomed here. And it's not like he's in some far off place, Delaware is 3 counties, one area code, something like 20 miles wide at it's widest, and takes less than two hours to get from the northern border to the southern border. It's a small place and really hard to get away from people that you know. He isn't loved here by anyone but the corporate assholes that are headquartered in Wilmington and he knows it.

  6. He told the exact same story about his mother driving him to school and the oil on the windscreen back in April, The only difference being is that at that time he was telling us he and most of the community had asthma,His mind is totally fried !!!

  7. But didn't he say after he stole the election that if him and camela had a disagreement he would come up with some sort of illness and just passed the buck over

  8. He promised, one of the times he left the basement, he was down for cure cancer. If he later is over that and kicks cancer to all the masses he may claim to curing cancer. Somewhat self serving but hey that's just the.kind of guy Joe is.

  9. The Democratic morons are putting all their hopes on Gavin Newsom for president. That’s a very good choice because Newsom did such a great job as mayor of San Francisco and as governor of California.

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