Joe Biden vs The United States Economy

Inflation is coming!


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  1. Liberals in 2020 The Dow being high just means that orange man and his friends are doing good, not Americans.
    Liberals in 2021 Look! LOOK! Look at how good the Dow Jones is doing under Biden.

  2. I was making over $900 dollars a week on unemployment, nearly more than my 2 week paycheck. I couldnt go back to work due to hospitalization and surgery, but I sure as hell wouldnt of given up that money to make less, the feds are delusional if they think its not impacting people wanting to return to work.

  3. 1:07 “Daz more joo new jobs innafirst hunner dayz…”
    Go home, Joe. You’re drunk. See 1:44 for the field sobriety test…
    Scratch that; this whole thing is submitted as evidence of intoxication.

  4. He didn't create anything – except a series of blunders bigger than any other administration – leading to a horribly crippled economy
    What I can't understand is why the MSM is treading water for this clown.

  5. What’s funny is if you type the phrases represented by the emoji on your shirt or the emojis themselves, YouTube in their authoritarian ways auto deletes the comment

    Just use pig Latin. Due to this administration, we are living in a ownclay orldway

  6. Youtube REALLY doesn't want me to remain subbed to this channel for some reason.. i swear this is the third time i've subscribed this month or something.

    Must be all the spicy content, Susan's a bit of a lightweight in that department.