Joe Biden WALKED ALL OVER By Foreign Leaders. He Is Not Taken Seriously On The World Stage AT ALL


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. This deep state can’t be up to much if the best leaders they could come up with are Biden, Boris and Trudou. WTF are we waiting for? Enough is enough!

  2. It seems the restrictions youtube has placed on videos have made many channels like yours much less interesting than it was before. I'd love to see you on another platform so you can speak freely as before.

  3. The reason I posted the Bloomberg quicktake video link, is that the video, which is STILL on the AP News site also, shows video editing of the man in the Oval Office, as his hand goes through solid objects. Supposedly USA Today "debunked" the story of this happening claiming there was video taken from another angle, but did not show this supposed video. All of the video I have seen clearly shows the man's hand passing through microphones.

  4. ALL this WAR and angst to hide and protect BIDEN pipeline deals ,ala Hunters " largest fr××× LNG PORT in the world " Remember that , Hunter waiting on Millions from Ji Beng and all that ? Russia is in the right.

  5. America was once the strongest nation in the world and no one dared mess with us after WWII. Now we have leaders who are more concerned about racism then the threat of China poses to us. We're not doing too good and the world knows this by the actions of the man sitting in the Oval Office. But this has been taking place for the last 60 years and still our representatives haven't learned from it. America is in deep trouble and it is only getting worse.

  6. He is gonna start a war that HE can't win. He can't do critical thinking. And the passive/aggressive libtard policies will get Americans killed uselessly.

  7. Biden better listen, he is too weak to even challenge ANY national leader. He needs to go with Kameltoe and hid in the basement until TRUMP wins in 2024. I really hope they do not SELL the US down the drain before OUR LEADER comes back.

  8. Biden who? He doesn’t know what he’s doing or where he’s going except to ask someone to change his depends! I have no words ? Except, cheaters cheat and liars lie! Everything will come out in the light of truth!

  9. If Americans are not capable of getting rid of Biden,China and Russia are prepared to do it.Biden’s weakness has given them plenty of confidence to finish off the wounded beast and they will.

  10. The leaders around the world know that America doesn't have a President at the moment. Even in Europe, the only thing you hear on the news – if ever- sums up to "Biden was present today after a good night sleep". He's just being "tolerated and used" in order to drive their own agendas full speed ahead.

  11. Why would anyone in the world respect Joe Potato is beyond me? Believe it or not, there are a lot of brain washed folks who still worship Mr. Potato unconditionally … oh wait, those are dead people.

  12. Seriously, if Putin and Biden put in a contest. I would root for Putin instead. Putin is not exactly like able, but he is much better than Joe Potato head in every way.

  13. We have allowed Dominion voting machines to change the results of the 2020 elections and even the latest Georgia elections. It will happen again if things don't change. We must start lobbying now to correct the Dominion voting machines. If we wait until 2022 it will be too late.