Joe Biden Wants You To Hate Him

Life of Hunter Biden

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  1. Does anyone else get the impression that jo Biden could possibly be a soviet implant trying to destabilise the world. Bring back Trump to his rightful place before it’s to late.

  2. I think if we were being generous it might sound like hes saying theyre not other peoples problems and we have a responsibility to safe guard all children not just our own, but ye i know that isnt what he meant anyways.

  3. Has everyone forgotten about the Iraq war and how much gas was in 2012? The national average price in the US was $3.60 / gal
    It's not like we haven't seen these prices in the past due to a foreign war

  4. I can't stand Biden, but he has been played like a fiddle. He was never the intended potus. To use and abuse an old man in this way is despicable. Either they intended to slot Harris in at the right moment, making her the first female, black, potus (whoo!), or Barry O'Bummer never relinquished control, and he is still pulling the strings.

  5. If Biden's approval goes low enough the prospects of Kamala Harris all of a sudden doesn't seem so bad, maybe that's the plan. We all know Biden is just a face at this point. Just look at how they leave him out to dry at events, Hunter's laptop is all of a sudden a legal topic to discuss without getting blocked/banned.

  6. How is it that whenever i do any of these "what is your political views" quizes and tests I always end up libertarian-left, yet i really enjoy most of the lotus eaters content and in majority of cases I agree with them?

  7. Obama is definitely and just plainly disrespectful to Biden. It not even funny. Well it is but not at the same time. Its like abusing an elderly man with something very wrong with him mentally.

  8. Biden doesn't know where he was or what he said, what's left of his brain resets every day. "They" are making the country hate him because when they retire him due to mental decline on the 2 year and 1 day stage of his term Harris will take over and start doing normal things and they'll herald her as a messiah for it. The first woman president who is also a POC? That's a twofer. The potential here is that Harris (or whoever is behind the administration) could serve as president for 10 consecutive years.

  9. Isn't our intelligence agencys supposed to guard against foreign interference and our executive branch being bought and paid for by hostile foreign governments?
    Have they abandoned their posts?

  10. It is established that mass immigration is intended to eliminate the middle class. This is the goal of the elitist Democrats currently following the WEF Great Reset plan. The country will be 99% destitute citizens and 1% filthy rich elites.

  11. That's meme language used by trump.
    You've seen the Pic of a dog in some whacky still framed photo with the text "Carp, I forgot how to dog".

    This is clearly the same trpe of sentence.
    We won't allow them to teach transgender, transgender.
    He's clearly not a miss-speaking, that was what he intended to say.

  12. I swear, listening to Biden is just being deluged in platitudes punctuated by many senile gaffes and only slightly fewer sentiments of tyrannical objectives.

  13. My CNN watching friend still to this day, will bring up how dangerous trump was based on nothing, and without provocation…but you mention Biden and he just kind of sinks into the background in silence. It's just tiresome at this point.

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