Joe Biden won’t like this…

T – S H I R T S –

T W I T T E R –

I N S T A G R A M –

P A T R E O N –

T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G !

Written by John Talks


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  1. 🤓🇺🇸This is our 1776 Moment- DONOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THE 13 Republicans-RHINOS that vote yes on this Infrastructure Bill-Bidens Plan is the Cloward & Pivan plans good Bye to USA Republic-4 the People & By the People-True Freedom!😇🇺🇸This
    🇺🇸We separate children from usparents every time that they break the law & go to prison! and we do not pay them/families anything($0.00)! so why would we pay non citizens with separated children that break the law by coming into the us illegally, anything? in the usa, no one is above the law!!😇
    🇺🇸taliban's acting foreign minister wants the us to unfreeze $10billion of their money! us should say give us back our military equipment & us citizens or no money!😇Ckout Cloward&Piven-Bidens Plan

  2. Stand tall for the beast of America.
    Lay down like a naked dead body,
    Keep it real for the people workin' overtime,
    They can't stay living off the governments dime.
    Stand tall for the people of America.
    Stand tall for the man next door,
    We are free in the land of America,
    We ain't goin' down like this. ✊🇺🇸

  3. Am I the only one who see this democRATS don’t need votes they control the machines and all the civil workers to help them cheat. We loose no matter what America is done for

  4. Joe Biden's popularity has tanked so badly, it is even affecting his largest voting block.
    Today, only 13% of the deceased, once his strongest supporting block, say they would vote for Joe Biden again, knowing what they do now.

  5. he doesn't care. his tombstone will say President, that's all he cares about. he's got the job for 3 more years, and I'm sure he'll be glad to let somebody else take over so he can sleep late, then feed the chickens.

  6. If every single person in the country said that they didn't like Joe Biden tomorrow he would still be the president until his time was up or he did something to be impeached these videos they're nice to know you know but at the same time they are so incredibly useless

  7. Biden is a stain on our democracy, a lead weight on our spirit, a Neo-Bolshevik party figure occupying the White House. This man is bringing America down as deftly as he can. He is an enemy.

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