Joe Biden’s BAD Record Is BACK To Haunt Him, Mainstream Media Is IGNORING It

Tim and guest Drew Hernandez (@LivesMatterShow on Twitter, @LivesMatter on YouTube) review the evidence mounting against Joe Biden of some real long-term personal impropriety.

Guest: Drew Hernandez
Twitter, Parler: @LivesMatterShow
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. People want this guy in office… I guess someone with evidence of discusting behavour is not as bad as someone saying something distasteful.

  2. Got to say, I like the attitude of Drew Hernandez. I think this is a very important mindset to have if you are part of a minority group. Living in Europe, I used to hide the fact that I'm coming from a Jewish origin when I got called a disgusting derogatory term now I simply defend my ancestry and am proud to be from where I come from.

  3. I’m 4th generation Japanese American. My family who were put in the camps got reparations. My family who was in Hawaii or weren’t born yet obviously got nothing as they were not put in concentration camps. My grandma would tell me… It doesn’t matter what job you are doing. Say you are cleaning fish or making something… if the guy next to you does 8 over a given time then you do 10.

  4. And yet all the media can do is talk about how an anonymous source said Trump touched her boob but didn't come forward as she was scared it would ruin her career even tho every other person with a grudge against Trump came out the second he got chosen as Republican primary. Okay sure

  5. He is suffering Dementia. It is very common for people suffering from alzheimer's to exhibit inappropriate sexual behavior. The guy is in the early onset of dementia

  6. Chauvinist old man, groping butts and breasts because he’s old and a Democrat, essentially doing any and all he wants cause he can get away with it. No less it’s still gross misuse of power

  7. People are only voting not trump. No one wants to vote for Biden only against Trump. Could be a rapist, murderer puppy killer and would get the orange man bad voters.

  8. So…..In you last video you called TRUMP an a$$h0£€??? Wow!!! I mean, after all the LEGENDARY ACHIEVEMENTS of Trump, but then THIS kind of crap about Biden?!?! Wow! Just reminds me that even people like you, who should know better, are a waaaaay too influenced by the lying media!

  9. Uncle joe is a groping commie dictator…these people are used to doing whatever they want when they want….TRUMP2Q2Q…WWG1WGA