Joe Biden’s CORRUPTION Is CLEAR, There Is VIDEO Evidence Of Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Luke host YouTuber Hunter Avallone to discuss Joe Biden’s corruption, and Hunter gets to watch the video of Joe Biden’s quid pro quo offer for the first time.

Guest: Hunter Avallone @Hunter Avallone

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. You could show everyone of these snowflakes the CFR video of quid proJoe, and they would find every excuse to dismiss it. There’s no having a rational conversation with these people; don’t waste your time. Tim, you do yourself a disservice by having idiots like this on your show.

  2. Kid may not be the brightest, but he's better than most of the people in these comments either way. At least he's willing to listen to anyone and everyone's viewpoints and actually make changes to his beliefs that reflect such conversations. Most of the people here in the comments would rather die than have to ever vote anything not republican.

  3. This guy is the absolute indictment that the left is nothing more than empty megaphones! no knowledge other than reading whatever fits their eco chamber. he knows nothing!

  4. Epstein tapes were deleted?!! Didn’t he start working at an elite school that Barr’s dad worked at? Where is all the blackmail Epstein used/held over leaders? Whomever has that is still squeezing balls rgt now having people do their bidding! Elections?

  5. Lol this guest is clueless. Wants to see an article instead of video evidence… Lmao. And this guy can vote… Scary. Misinformed and ignorant by choice.

  6. Who is this left wing turd. His ear are turned off automatically
    He wasn't listening. Complete idiot and what is totally wrong with the left, just all of them are echo chambers of lies and misinformation.

  7. "I don't want to see a video, I want to see an article."

    So instead of the primary source you want information filtered through someone else's words? That makes no sense