Joe Biden’s Most Awkward Gaffes | Biden 2020 Compilation

Joe Biden 2020. The definitive compilation. I can mix up words & numbers as much as the next guy but no mentally fit person REPEATEDLY forgets that they are running for President of the United States. Yikes!

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Matt Orfalea

Written by Matt Orfalea


  1. This is straight up comedy. I can mix up words & numbers as much as the next guy. But when a candidate REPEATEDLY forgets that they are running for President of the United States…that's tragic. Tragic comedy.

  2. ? this man cannot be president. Like legit he will ruin this country. Can you imagine him insulting world leaders or touching the daughters of world leaders. Crap we will be at war. And HELL THINK ITS WORLD WAR 2 ?‍♂️

  3. Mr Cognitively Impaired Presidential Candidate at his most obviously cognitively impaired. Many thanks to you for putting this together Matt. Well done. Tragicomedy in politics is so 2020.

  4. I'm sorry to say this, because he is not THAT old, but this gentleman is showing symptoms of senility and early onset dementia, while running for President of the United States!
    My prediction if he wins: within one year, the VicePresident and the Congress will invoke the 25th amendment (yes, Harris, Pelosi et al.!), declare him unable to carry out his duties as President, and they will take control of the presidency and the administration of this country in authoritarian fashion. … Dr. James Fiatarone, California.

  5. Even his poor wife is suffering through this! Look at the video. What on earth can she be thinking? Or does she just hope to become First Lady and somehow guide him through his duties??

  6. More censorship by media and major news networks, they don't want you to know before the election that this man does not have the stamina or mental clarity to fill the role of President, whether or not you agree with his party's radical and subversive agenda. Guess they don't care, if he falls completely apart, the media, the big tech companies and his running mate can do all his thinking for him, if they are not doing so already… The LMT syndicate (Leftists, Media & Technocrats) now has the opportunity to take control of the government and the authoritarian administration of this country like never before! Dr. James Fiatarone, California.