Joe Biden’s Most Embarrassing Gaffes of All Time Super Compilation | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a Joe Biden gaffe compilation that may be the best one yet. This “gaffe machine” compilation features some of Joe Biden’s greatest hits of all time. From epic awkward moments, and out-of-place jokes to outright nonsensical statements this hilarious compilation will give you a nice send off of the week. Dave also does a special “ask me anything” question-and-answer session on a wide-ranging host of topics, answering questions from the Rubin Report Locals community.

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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. Biden is an embarrassment to HUMANITY, not just America! Geeze Louise! Just when you think he can't get any worse. What's sad is they're probably shooting him up with all kinds of nasty drugs just to get him to somewhat function behind the podium. That'll catch up with him quick at his age. The people doing so are soulless and evil.

    Typing here in the bastion of MA. Been dodging GIANT potholes all winter long. This is the worst I've ever seen the roads in 48 years of my existence! Then they dump more road salt than ever in history any time there's ANY trace of moisture on the pavement this time of year, so your $40 -$60,000 automobile turns into scrap in 10 years flat (or less!). In between, the roads cost you a fortune in repairs – shocks get changed damn near with every oil change! Ball joints, tie rod ends, steering racks – THOUSANDS of dollars that the state skims sales taxes from. Where the hell do our tax dollars go? Right into the pockets of democrats who've continuously driven this state into the toilet with every passing year. And the morons in and around Boston continually reelect these wastes of skin to office every single election cycle. Or, they elect themselves, since I have yet to meet a single soul who works for a living that voted for these asshats. Ted Kennedy drove this place into the dirt for FIVE DECADES!! A philandering murderer, and when he passed you'd have thought he walked on water from the press gushing over their devastating loss. Property taxes are higher than ever. I think they're trying to outdo NJ! And for all that we get nothing in return. I want out of here so bad, but the wifey isn't on board. At least not yet. If the lunatics on Beacon Hill keep doing what they're doing, she'll change her mind very soon. Can't wait!! I'll be Florida bound TOMORROW!!!

  2. Joe's ran for president many times.
    Everytime he impsrrassed himself including in the 2020 election. He's been caught plagiarizing speeches had to drop out of the race. Lol he's wanted it so bad for so long. he finally made it with 81 million totally legit no funny business votes…. too bad he'll never remember it.. lol what an embarrassment for America. It took 1 yr. For him to destroy the best country to ever be. 1 yr. We got 3 more… they are doubling down on the communism racist victim seeking lying woke culture. Its only getting to get worse before it gets better. We're on our way to being like Canada. Joe told Justin to do all this so he could see a test of how people will react to the dictatorship. Before he tries it here. There's 1 big difference the 2nd. Hopefully joe knows that would be a very very bad choice… this is all disgusting. Pull your money out of your bank accounts and hide it crypto currency is being taken too. So that won't work. Unless there's something I don't know about they are targeting peoples crypto too. Hopefully I'm wrong but mattress money will become a thing again. Because the government can't be trusted which means they are tyrranicsk which is why the founding fathers made the 2nd amendment. They didn't make it for bump in the night but instead for something way more serious and important. Our freedom. Good luck Canada I'm behind you.

  3. Americas democrat authoritarianism backs the tyranny of Trudeau. This evil will be used as a model for the US. Decades back we would have intervened for the sake of canadians civil rights. NO MORE WITH THE MARXIST LEFT!

  4. The slips of the tongue are embarrassing, and when he gets tongue tied it makes you grimace; both speak to his mental state. I can almost put that aside, because the real problem is when he says things like Romney's going to put you back in chains and if you don't vote for me you ain't black. Those speak to his character

  5. 11:15 ******Both Margaret and Pierre were not only Known SWINGERS but, Lived and Admited Fidel Castro including regular, hidden from public record travels to Cuba to which time stamps place the Trudeaus in Fidels area. Margaret was Much younger than Pierre and was also very promiscuous as were also Pierre. Pierre however was known later to be Sterile. On record Margaret, Justines mother, would state how 'Charming and sexy' Fidel Castro was and that 'it did not surprise her that someone so CHARMING could hold so much power'. And there are many pictures of Margaret warmly cuddled up to Fidel with Fidel holding a toddler Justin!! Kitten Castro Trudeau is a Dictator Spoiled Tyrrant just as his Parents Margaret, Pierre and Fidel would have him become!!******

  6. Coinbase is starting to shut down accounts of people with family or friends in countries not in line with the IMF! Crypto now has imf limits! Beware bc you wake up and find all accounts closed! 🤢😬🤢😭😭

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