Joe Biden’s Off-the-Cuff Remark Forces Twitter to Cover His Tracks | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Twitter trying to cover for Joe Biden’s new world order remark, an overview of how truly radical the Democrats policies have been, and Dr. Fauci preparing us for the return of mask mandates and COVID restrictions. First, Dave shares a clip of Joe Biden making an off-the-cuff remark about leading a new world order in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This caused Twitter to quickly try to debunk any talk of “new world order” conspiracy theories. The Democrats have been quite open about their plans to remake everything and as Kamala Harris said “start from scratch”. The list of crazy policies and crises is long now with defund the police, the border crisis, massive inflation, rising gas prices, and the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Democrats continue to be clueless about what regular Americans are going through as they see their suffering with high gas prices as a way to push their green agenda of electric vehicles. Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg’s recent comments make it appear like they think high gas prices are actually a good thing. Secretary of energy Jennifer Granholm even admitted that the war in Ukraine provides an urgent opportunity to push through the Democrat’s clean energy agenda. It’s not just Democrats who are refusing to waste a good crisis. Dr. Fauci’s recent comments make one wonder if new mask mandates and COVID restrictions will be coming back with the next wave of COVID. Finally, a clip of Kamala Harris proving that Biden is not the only gaffe machine in the White House.


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  1. Sure. Let’s ALL go electric so we can emit 8 x’s the carbon from the coal to be burned to charge one car battery vs burning a single tank of gas.
    And by there own words “We’re at the point of no return”….. So what are we even doing?
    Defund the Democratic Party!

  2. Remember Jurassic Park.
    Electric vehicles are vulnerable to electrical outages.
    The push away from fossil fuels is a strategic move to make USA vulnerable.

  3. Democrats:
    Defund and purge military
    Defund police
    Impose gun restrictions
    Open borders
    Stop American fuel production
    Ban nuclear power
    Damage economy as much as possible
    Do literally everything possible to leave the American people strategically vulnerable.

  4. Biden is like a broken tape player, you speak into it but you have no idea what will play when you hit the replay button. Someone has told him about "the fourth turning" but when played back you get garble.

  5. Just watched the movie "V for Vendetta" the other day. Spoiler Alert – Stop reading if you don't want to know what happens…. Turns out that it was the government that created a deadly virus and released it, to ensure a "crisis that couldn't be allowed to waste!" And moving to electric cars? You know in CA, they have ROLLING BROWNOUTS because their electrical infrastructure can NOT handle their existing requirements, without all the eCars!

  6. So all our fears that Biden is trying to take this country apart and remake it into some socialist state that he thinks would be better for all of us is all true this is why stolen election can never ever happen again

  7. Every "progressive" is an insane person and should NEVER be taken seriously, by anyone.

    Liberal women are on a decades-long crusade to prove that giving them the right to vote was a mistake.

  8. Please let me know how the smoked leg of lamb was! I have a home grown leg of lamb in my freezer and have been dying to smoke it! …..
    Not sure how I would hold it while I was smoking it though. Seems a little cumbersome! Lol! 🐑🐏

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