Joe Biden’s Ridiculous October Town Hall (An Analysis)


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  1. I quit my job because my work sucked and Massachusetts wouldn’t give me a shot until it was too late and I contracted covid delivering to covid hospitals. The difference was I worked 2 years through the pandemic before I quit.

  2. Also, the border doesn't go "through" the middle of El Paso. There's El Paso, and then there is Juarez. Two separate towns. Coyotes choose Southeast Texas because of easier terrain, whereas the terrain around El Paso is arid and unforgiveable. And in 2008, are we kidding ourselves? There was no border crisis then, as we were coming out of a Republican supernanny state that barely let anyone migrate in without a year long background check post 9/11. Joe Biden knows dick about the southern border, and the only thing Kamala knows IS dick.

  3. once again, an amazing, very accurate information! I consistently use these videos to explain things to others and I really appreciate it. I would really love to see a video (an analysis) that explains the election fraud. Explore the facts like ignored Justice thomas orders, mathematic impossibilities with the votes, video evidence of counters pulling out suitcases of ballots after sending the poll watchers home, ect.

  4. Notice how when Cooper asked him a "difficult" question, Brandon kept walking backwards? Thus dude is a total farce. 81+ million votes? Not hard to do when dead people vote. I guess they're just voting for one of their own.

  5. Did AC lose part of his soul watching Biden trying to answer these softball questions, or does he not have any soul left? If he has any dignity at all, he must regret his role in propping this guy up as President.

  6. The anxiety that this administration has caused myself alone is off the charts. You take 3/4 of the United States with half the anxiety I'm having and sooner or later things are going to have to change or there's going to be a lot of troubling things happening. There needs to be a mental health mandate. One that says that the President must have testing for cognitive issues if he shows signs of mental impairment and/or cognitive disease immediately because of the risks involved for our country. In fact, anyone that runs for office or is currently in office from now on should be tested BEFORE running. That's the only mandate needed now. I never thought Joey would be nominated because, let's face it, he's never been a smart guy. He's always been a not so smart racist liar and never hid that fact from anyone, because he's that pompous and stupid. But when I heard him speak at the debates, it was more than obvious that he was suffering from dementia. You can imagine MY disbelief went he was announced as President Elect. My heart stopped beating and all my blood fell to my feet. Why? Because my mother died of Alzheimer's. I know what's coming and it ain't pretty. On fact, Joey's family and friends knew before he ran that he had issues. So my thanks to them and to all those who voted for him. Good job. We need people who hate their country and it's citizens so much that they would vote for someone like Joey to run our country. We need more of them, oh wait, we're getting more, aren't we? Everyday, at our southern border. Our problems are solved.
    I can't hate Biden, he's a sick man. I am fighting everyday not to hate anyone. It gets harder and harder.

  7. Biden is an idiot. Psaki is a sociopath.

    You go to the border to see the humanitarian crisis for yourself and speak personally with those left to deal with it. Democrats are into photo-ops. They did it all the time during the Trump presidency (AOC).

  8. Andrew, my cat has explained to me that even though I’m a police officer, my service doesn’t count unless I comply with the demands of the federal government. Since I work for the federal government, I’ve been mandated to take a vaccine that I don’t need or want, but since my cat says so, I’m thinking it must be my only choice. Any suggestions?

  9. it's kind of impressive how Biden has taken a fully functioning, economically booming country, and destroyed pretty much everything in less than a year in office.

  10. The border divides Mexico from the USA. On one side is Juarez and on the other is El Paso. The border doesn't divide El Paso. Ducey and Psaki need to both go to the border as. Well.

  11. Wait, let’s be clear: 1) questions planted, 2) responses scripted, 3) host compromised & not working for news organization…AND Biden was still a dysfunctional, incoherent liar.