Joe Biden’s “Stutter”

They aren’t gaffes- he’s just got a stutter guys! Come watch him work it out in speech therapy 🙂

Written by FreedomToons


  1. Joe's problem isn't stuttering. The problem obviously originates in his brain, not his mouth. Stuttering doesn't cause you to say stupid and crazy things.

  2. Lmao I appreciate this one in particular. I don't like to talk to my mother about politics, but if President Biden comes up in conversation and I've ever been inclined to say "he says really weird stuff" she just be like "yes he's a lifelong stutterer" but I am clearly not talking about that lol

  3. I still wonder how i would have been coping without the professional broker Mrs Stephanie i got introduced to by my employer some weeks ago while the pandemic was still new to the people of USA ?? first i was scared but now am testifying for others.

  4. Joe's comment about beating Trump if he was back in high school is hilarious remember Trump was in a military academy. If they're half as rough as my service was (in Greece you're required to serve if you ask someone today they'll tell you it's a camp for adults, but back in my day it wasn't that way) Joe would straight be killed.

  5. One time I showed someone this video and they said:
    "I can understand why'd you'd think that, but isn't it a bit hypocritical for you to make fun of the president and other politicians while you also make fun of other people for doing so about other politicians? I mean, you could actually listen to what people have to say instead of building up stereotypes about every political enemy of yours. I can understand the bad things Biden did, and I'm not saying you have to support him but it would help if you could be a little less biased and do the one thing literally no one else wants to do and actually send a message of hope, regardless of your political opinion. Making cartoons that make you look like the good guy doesn't make you the good guy, it's just doing the opposite of the exact reason you created this channel: to stand up to others, and the worst part is you don't even know you're doing it. I was once like you, quick to make fun of anyone I disagreed with, and I want you to hear what I have to say."
    What an idiot lol, people like that are insane.