Joe Biden’s Wacky Amtrak Train Tall Tale: DEBUNKED!


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  1. It's so similar to granpas "Ya know, when I was a kid, I walked 15 miles to school everyday…in the snow"!
    Ok, Joe. You're older than dirt. Message conveyed. But one would think after all those miles, you would know wtf you're doing by now.

  2. Instead of a video of a comprehensive analysis of this compulsive liar, I would much prefer to you to be in the audience of a town hall meeting Biden gaffes at and simply yell “BS” at the top of your lungs. Great breakdown nonetheless.

  3. The thing with "biden" is nothing he says is true, He has told so many lies he has no idea what the truth is about anything! He is one of the most corrupt people posing as a US government elected official. He has been lying and scamming for 50 years or more. His entire career is a case study of corruption in Washington DC. He is probably the biggest enabler of predatory bank credit cards. He worked for the Banks for years all the while pretending he represented everyday average voters. He is exactly like clinton a compulsive liar ! and just as corrupt and slimey

  4. This is the type of boring and totally unsolicited story you have to listen to some old guy tell at a function, and nod and say “oh wow” a million times while sitting through it

  5. You know when a women is lying, because it is to save someone's feelings. You know when a man is lying, because he is making himself look good! Yep, old sleepy Joe has always been a liar! Let's Go Brandon!

  6. Why does he keeping telling stupid stories? I mean, I know why he wants to appear 'folksy' and 'likeable', but why does he do it when they're so easily found to be a load of bollocks or half-truths? Because he's just not fully aware of IT, the internet and it's growth over the past 20 years, which is the period in which his already limited faculties began to decline – he just can't and never will grasp how easy it is now get the facts.

  7. Puppet Joe Biden
    The fake news media and Democratic party knew. Crappin and nappin Joe Biden was mentally losing it.
       The reason Barock husane Obama picked  Joe Biden for vise president was Obama needed someone stupider than he was.
    And so did the Democratic party,
          They got their puppet on a string and cheated to get him there.
        It is unfortunate that everyone under the Biden administration is simple-minded and lost from reality.
      It is also unfortunate that the patriotic Americans have to live with it for now.
       Other Countries are laughing at us.
    For real news watch NEWS MAX ON TV.
    Please pass message on to others.

  8. yes you and I understand that but the DEMS are so dumb after this tall tale has been debunked many times the DEMS still believe what Biden says all 81 million of them hahaha or at least the 1 % Joe

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