Joe Has No Idea WTF is Going on in Germany as Macron Pleads for More Oil Production in the U.S.

Germany didn’t even try to stop being so dependent on Russian oil. Now, they are dealing with the consequences. All of Europe is. France’s President Macron begs Biden to produce more oil in the U.S. but Joe’s mind is somewhere else.

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  1. How dare they try to make him do Presisenty things while he's on vacation? All he wanted to do was get away from all the racist people that oppose his terrible ideas, get some German ice cream and sniff some European kids

  2. IN GERMANY !!!! Biden has no idea what's going on here !!! AT ALL !!!!
    As a matter if fact , he probably had no idea where he was during this conversation !!!!

  3. Rose are red, violets are blue, Macron are doing PR stunt as usual that way he will be able to say ;
    "Look I'm useful after all."
    When in reality the guy is destroying France like Biden are destroying the USA.

  4. I love how the atmosphere immediately changes and that woman squawks "back up" through her mask and tries to put enough distance between the person filming and the leaders so they couldn't hear what was said.

  5. Would love for every world leader to have a mic attached to them constantly streaming to the people every single thing they say even when they take a shit. The price to pay for power maybe.

  6. This is what you get when every current Western "leader" is selected; not elected. They are practicing their lines like a play at summer camp. Look at every current Western PM or Pres; not a single natural leader. All selected injected to be a part of the West's unravelling.

  7. Just tell them to go green and shove it like you do all the Americans. Start buying electric cars. Cause you know electricity comes from magic jellybean fields not coal burning plants

  8. Macron's another shitbag that tread's on free speech and not only that but also sanctioned russia so no shit he's bitching about oil now, he shot himself in the foot, both biden and him did, this is 2 trashcans talking to eachother about the problems they made and wanting a way out.

  9. Russia has plenty of oil for sale, might want to get on to that before winter comes or we will see communism's strongest trait in action again.

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