Joe Manchin Blocks Another Attempt at Pork-Barrel “Environmental” Spending

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  1. Manchin called out by climate change’s powerful voice: ‘A modern-day villain who drives a Maserati and lives on a yacht courtesy of the coal industry’

  2. Possibly he has looked at Liz Cheney lately and seen the real sad look on her face. I see she in way behind in Wyoming, probably no chance of being around next year

  3. I hated the Bush administration for dozens of reasons… but at least they worked for the general benefit and protection of the US! At least the neo-cons, who were corrupt as hell, pushed for things that were at least tangentially in America’s interests. They profited grossly off of it and caused harm elsewhere in the world, but fuck at least they weren’t ACTIVELY TRYING TO HARM THE COUNTRY. The “Democrats” are nothing more than communists, pedophiles, racists, and liars.

  4. Hopefully his voters will one day wise up and find someone less flexible to the dems. Ideally without him realizing his time is up. Where he'd likely race to screw them over and get his.

  5. Manchin is 74, he is Not very popular! More than half DONT vote for him!!! Last 3 election he only won because a Third party candidate takes EXACTLY 11% of Massey Vote! Massey is Big Coal! Wv NEEDS A REGULAR Person to Run! Enough of the Rich Self Absorbed People!!! Enough!!!WV has Suffered under Manchin!! Thousands dead of OD, thousands Unemployed! He is Richer than EVER!!!! Yet most families BARELY Get Buy!! Now that gas and food Tripled!!! We are FUCKED!! All while he I and His Family Make Money Hand over Fist with Insider Trading and Worst I’m Sure!!

  6. Erm, West Virginia was split after the state of Virginia voted to secede. It was the approved by the union, of course. It's a good rejoinder to people who think counties can't secede from their previous servitude. I would recommend it to Western Michigan, and many other places.

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