Joe Manchin Blocks Democrats’ Anti-Fair Elections Bill


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  1. Calling a requirement for voter ID "voter suppression" is just an excuse and they know it is. Of course they know good and damn well how easy it is for literally ANYONE to get an ID, ID's are required for a litany of other things that are considerably less important than the ability to vote, they know there is absolutely ZERO legitimate reason to be against voter ID requirements. But they have to be against it because the lack of voter ID makes their fraud possible, and so they throw out their ridiculous, unbelievably stupid excuses and the saddest part is the number of people dumb enough to buy their excuses. It's just staggering how dumb people can be, and how willing they are to believe whatever their overlords tell them to.

  2. The democrats didn't like JFK Styx there will never be another JFK style democrat party
    because JFK was closer to the republican side and he worked with republicans to get
    things done the democrats tried to stop most of JFK's ideas.

  3. For The People is For The Democrats to guarantee their win almost all the time. Hats off to Sinema, too. I hope a few more democrats come to their senses and join with the GOP.

  4. I am sending a personal handwritten thank you to this man today. Manchin is not my state senator but I want him to know how much I appreciate this. If Gary Peters voted in favor of S1 a fuck you email will be going out directly as well!

  5. Supposedly 158 million voters turned out in November. Biden won by a "landslide." Most popular president in history! What's the problem with voting?

  6. In a sane & honest world, the Republicans would trash the Marxist Dems….but we live in a world where Domino voting machines exist, and have been rigged to cheat. Can the Republicans win? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it.

  7. I hear ads on the radio everyday for "real ID" where you have to go to the DMV and prove who you are so you can fly on planes and such. What will black people do???

  8. I've noticed anything labeled "The People's" whatever is usually a completely corrupt bunch of garbage that is anything but for the well being of people.

  9. Funny thing I noticed is that the leftie regulars on the gaming website I frequent (who thankfully tend to remain within the Politics board instead of spreading like the plague they are throughout the rest of the site) were all bawling their eyes out over this unforgivable stab in the back by a feckless DINO who they were threatening to harass and bully in order to get him to fall in line with what they wanted. Such crybullies, amirite? ?

  10. I do not think the Democrats are going to lose in 2022 or 2024. They now have an unlimited number of people that don’t exist to vote for them to make sure they never lose again.

  11. Not gonna happen on the left coast. We're teaming with third world foreigners who are here to take whatever than can get away with. They don't give a flying fig about notions of liberty. They see us as weak and in their way. I've heard it with my own ears.

  12. Monthly reminder, my former friend voted for Joe Biden, because she said he looked like a very nice man, a man you'd want to be your Grandpa.
    2 month's ago, I asked her whether or not she wanted her vote back, to which she replied, "Why would I want my vote back? He's given my kid's (3 kid's by 3 different men) and I so much money in stimulus, unemployment….I don't think I'm ever going to go back to work."
    I haven't talked to her since…….oh yeah, and she thinks Antifa is a myth and BLM is great! ??????????

  13. I like your idea, Styx. I can already see the headlines:
    "Trumpian far-right extremists hand out soda-floats and sandwiches while gleefully river dancing at polling stations across California in latest racist and phobic attempt at voter intimidation"

  14. What’s even funnier is that, what are they going to do, primary Manchin?

    With what, someone further left? Good luck!

    He’s is somewhat of a holdover from our pre-2000 Blue Dog days, because prior to then WV was a southern blue state, but Gore just had to be so anti-second amendment that we voted for Bush. And the Democrats never really returned from that stance, so Manchin is about as Blue as you are ever gonna get from us again.

    I didn’t even vote for him last election, but if he continues to hold the line like he has so far, he can absolutely count on my vote going forward.

  15. Hey Styx, speaking of dumbocrats saying the stuff about black people and id's have you seen that vid by ami horowitz about voter id's? Perfect video on the racism/lunacy of the left.

  16. aren't ID's in the US already Free? I mean they are in my country unless you are replacing a lost one and its like 15 bucks

    the voter ID thing that the far left and their Democrat handlers have been going on about for years only makes sense if you are talking about Grandma Edna who is 98 years old and hasn't updated her ID in 45 years….. Edna could still get ID of course

    the whole argument is actually an example of left wing racism

    because even the poorest of African nations makes their citizens have ID especially to vote….

    shit if we up here in CANADA need ID to vote no matter your ethnic origin…..

  17. Funny people were up in arms about Liz Cheney being ousted because she bravely(sarcasm) stood up to Orangeman, but the second someone goes against Biden's idiotic agenda…