Joe on Dave Chappelle Getting Tackled Onstage

Taken from JRE #1813 w/Tony Hinchcliffe:

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  1. 100% will smiths fault, never would have happened if he didn't get away with doing the exact same thing at the oscars…fuck celebrity double standards

  2. I wish I could slap dave Chappelle. He is a great comedian, but he became hateful and intolerant about too many people. He's convinced everyone is racist and he dislikes every group but his own.

  3. Just a year ago, I didn't even knew Dave Chapelle was such a big comedian. In my country we only know him by his crack head characters, and he always looked so small and skinny. The I watched the Netflix special, awesome stuff btw, and he looked like a fkn giant.
    Anyway, a thing I wanna say is that what we are witnessing in the US is the result of giving special rights to minorities. It's always the same, a democracy is supposed to be the government of the majority, then comes the US creating special laws to punish a specific section of the population (US anti-black laws, they still exist) or giving special treatment to minorities like what's happening right now with the LGBTQetc. The US it's too much like a leftist dictatorship right now.

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