Joe Rogan and Ivermectin: Should Covid Be Politicised?

Joe Rogan has railed against critics who slammed him for taking anti-parasite drug Ivermectin to treat COVID.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I honestly disagree with so much that Russell believes but I have just subscribed to his channel because he seems to be the most rational, unbiased, spot on voice on YouTube. It’s really incredible. What he’s saying is what many of us have been saying for a long time just in a far, FAR more eloquent way. The line at the end about science not being free from biases and existing within “certain financial and political constraints and imperatives” is brilliant. I have never heard it said better.

  2. Hey everybody, just letting you know that I love you vaccinated or not. I like to believe we are a cohesive community and I don't discriminate against people who choose to not vaccinate because this is their choice. Together we are the engine that powers this country and divided we are nothing

  3. People think they only need ivermectin to treat COVID. Don’t get vaccinated. Get COVID take ivermectin then die. Poor can’t get the same treatments for COVID as the rich.

  4. The problem is that many people confuse "science" with their own personal beliefs, rather than it simply being a method used to determine facts. In the absence of religion, people have substituted a sort of quasi-religious belief in holding the correct set of values that they refer to as "science". The Soviet Union did something similar with Marxism-Leninism, branding it a "science" when it clearly wasn't. Any deviation from the orthodoxy, and you are accused of being anti-science, when in fact scientific experiment requires deviations in order to come to a conclusion that supports or refutes your hypothesis.

  5. The reason Merck is against Ivermectin, even though they developed it, is that the patent has expired. Also, it's relatively cheap compared to other medicines. They are now working on a drug to fight COVID, which has just been approved in the UK- and they were give an enormous amount of money to develop it. So it is not in their financial interest to support Ivermectin. So besides the politics issue we also have company greed muddying the waters for COVID treatment.

  6. It's so funny this attack on freedom since the United States is bipartisan I wonder where all these attacks are coming from? It's not very difficult to figure out. one human beings Homo sapiens mammals are designations in the animal kingdom! All human Pharmaceuticals are drugs for animals LOL

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