Joe Rogan and Tim Pool Go DEEP on UFOs

Taken from JRE #1465 w/Tim Pool:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. Based on Kevin Day's report from the Princeton, there have been estimates published that estimate the performance characteristics of the tic tac and other historical sightings made by pilots. The rapid decent of those tic tac objects were frightening. Our fighters can manage a high G turn for a few seconds, around 30 g's in short duration before the pilot blacks out and the plane structure begins to fail. Estimates of the tic tac show a turn of anywhere between 3000 – 5,000 G's. Consider that. Nothing conventional can do this unless it's using a completely different method of transport. The only way you can do this is by removing the inertia of the body that's moving.

  2. So . . . some alien with apparently ridiculous capabilities just once in a blue moon goes screws with someone in a trailer park in Iowa or where ever? I am not buying the aliens, as cool as it would be. I just have a sneaking feeling if there is any unidentified aircraft and it is not being mistaken for some other phenomenon is it just probably the obvious government project. People were mistaken about the stealth fighter before it became known it was the stealth fighter, even further back before it was revealed about airships people thought, coincidentally, that shape was alien ufo's, etc. Funny how JR gets all excited about it though!

  3. People are totally full of shit. S o many people lie and fake photos. But, if just one of those sightings, stories etc is true, that's all we need. That is proof of ET life. The US government does have at least one well known version of a UFO that they built, the TR3B black triangle that's been seen in various places around the world. It has been used both for peace and war, they just haven't told the public yet. Bob Lazar IS NOT lying!

  4. WTF…SERIOUSLY… i really do love the show joe and i really have looked up to you and of course still do for SO many of your accomplishments not just your comedy but what gets me and disappoints me SOOOO FRIGGIN MUCH…is that YOU DO HAVE the capability to LOOK INTO all this stuff…but…you obviously dont…for you to say and think…OUR GOVERNMENT…TELL'S US EVERYTHING THEY HAVE…IN THE WAY OF TECHNOLOGY…and you talk about it with such conviction…defending it…JOE… common!…really?…#BENRICH'SLASTSTATMENTS

  5. This Tim guy gotta keep his mouth shut? thinks his word is important enough to interrupt folks with some internet birthed shit.. most of it true but holy sweet fuck chill with this explosive diarrhea of the mouth.