Joe Rogan & Anthony Cumia – The Bizarre and Hilarious Real Origin of The Proud Boys

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1209:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. so the proud boys have their origins in bigotry and hate. fuckkng making fun of a drama geek, lol way to go guys, you found the one thats different.

  2. Antifa has carte blanch to fucking riot and destroys cities. Meanwhile a bunch of proud boys getting attacked by Antifa and decided to fight back, well throw those white supremacists into jail. The world is fucking ridiculous. Fuck the left.

  3. If you think how gavin was bulling that kid or how he made jokes about him was funny and good humored, it tells a lot about you as well. Fuck your self Anthony Cumia.

  4. Boy this didn’t age well…. Joe lets to many morons on multiple times. Dave Rubin, Shapiro, this tool……. He wants to be smart, but then allows this shit on his show.

    Sucks for us all.

  5. Want to know why it grew? It grew because people are tired of political correctness and the media and leftists being allowed to lie and force their narrative on everyone. They have pushed people too far so these people are looking to join anything to push back.

  6. The proud boys is a weird, but fairly harmless larp that only exists to shit on twiggy soyboys and has a far more diverse membership roster than all of the far left groups burning down entire neighborhoods combined.

  7. Plenty of protests in the 60s and 70s turned violent. Honestly i feel the proud boys are needed to battle back against the real facists… I have never seen a video painting the proud boys in a negative light lol people love them and hate antifa.

  8. Spread this video everywhere. I don't care what side you're on politically… we all need to destroy the media who keep lying to us and dividing us.

  9. Damn this is just like Hitler…. he started hanging out in bars doing the same exact shit haha. Proud Boys sounds like the modern day SS

  10. “We will kill you, that’s the Proud Boys in a nutshell, we will kill you. We look nice we seem soft, we have boys in our name, but like Bill the butcher we will assasinate you” Gavin
    “Beating the shit out of people, I think it’s our job to do it and the cops to turn a blind eye” Gavin
    “If you’re wearing a MAGA hat and some hipster comes up to you and asks are you voting for Trump? Choke him follow your instincts” Gavin
    Ohhh Gavin you silly man

  11. If they stopped showing up to protests to get into fights while wearing body armor etc then people wouldn’t assume they were bad.

    Also, fuck Antifa too.

  12. Joe: and then Gavin said “We are gonna hit people”

    Anthony: “I understand nationalists took over the proud boys but they were constantly being disavowed by Gavin. He’s a really nice guy.”

    Also Anthony: “can you believe the inspiration for the proud buys was us fucking with this little Jewish kid?”

    Yea… I can believe that.

    Maybe Gavin is not a nazi, but look what you started. You are responsible for that. Take some damn responsibility. That’s the human thing to do.

  13. The left was pretty insane in the 60s and 70s too bruv. Actually a lot more insane than now. Marxism and Anarchism were more in vogue back then.

  14. Origins, schmorigins guys: Just because it started as a goof doesn’t mean much when it hits the fan
    Remember tea party bs? Created whole cloth by Fox and they actually became a fn caucus!!!