Joe Rogan BLASTS His Kids School & Reveals Woke Email Sent To 9 Year Olds!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. Anti racist is anti capitalism. Instead of reacting to the news, when are you youtube stars going to start making long form lectures educating your audience and teaching them how to educate? It's getting frustrating watching so many people who are almost hitting the nail on the head, but just not cutting right down to the root causes. The root cause uses countless masks and issues. You have to get past them and talk about the common denominator- ideological subversion

  2. Just create a nationwide sting where every state that can signs a parental rights act and then anyone who comes out in protest against it, just shoot them. Take out the trash that identifies itself. The problem with solve itself through its narcissistic, me me me me what about me attitude.

  3. Let’s be real, the only thing these teachers are seeking is validation from children for their choices which in and of it’s self is sad and pathetic…

  4. I remember one time I had to explain the difference between being descriptive and being racist to two of my nursery school kids, (both 6 and one was black, and one was white.) after one one mistook the other's descriptions of their mom as being racist. I took them aside, gave them a quick explanation between the difference, told them to always mindful of what they say, and sent them back to play at the playground. No big deal. THESE PEOPLE HOWEVER!! They'd probably go on a long hour lecture about how the one kid was in the wrong!

  5. Homeschool. Homeschool. Homeschool. You can do online schooling, which works for our family and many others. You can be a single parent or parents that work during the day. Homeschool takes 1-3 hrs a day, depending on the age/grade level. It weeds out the bullshit and leaves more time spent with family, friends, and play time. Also, no homework. Your kids get to be kids for a lot longer!! No worrying about indoctrination or school shootings. You CAN make it work if you really want to. There are Facebook homeschool groups that will support you and are a great resource of information.

  6. all students with a gender degree and political activism have no function in society and must force their political views on children as they cannot win in an adult open debate. all of these were educated in a free society and now think that a totalitarian government with their views is the most important thing. so typically modern Marxism

  7. Quartering his the thing Joe Rogan is talking like he has nothing to do with this culture we live in he's got everything to do with it 🤨 all of these celebrities do. They have spent years pushing liberal ideas and liberal policies at the behest of the Democrat party, well this is the fruits of their labour too late to complain about now.

  8. “There is no real free speech websites anymore”
    Not true. Ben Swann, libertarian journalist, started his own platform called Sovren, and its truly free speech, among other things. Of course, you aren’t going to talk about that one, cause people like you, Crowder and Mark Dice have a narrative that government needs to go into privately run social media companies to make sure there is free speech, instead of talking about how these companies should stop getting tax money and that would solve the “free speech” problem.

  9. Within the federal government we take what they call "diversity and inclusion" training I have pictures on my phone of what it entails. One example I have is a pie chart that explains how oppressed someone is and who is the oppressor. They call it inclusion, but all it does is vilify straight white people. Also I was employed during the Trump presidency and we did not have any of this woke nonsense training

  10. Say something mildly against the mob on Rumble, and yet objectively true, like how bad the Truth Social launch is, and watch the parade of down votes. It's just a mob echo chamber.

  11. Remember – when they say "anti-racism" they mean "Critical race theory". This what the left always does, change the language so they can silence anyone who objects with, "Oh so you're in favour of racism?"

  12. @thequartering please look up youtuber adriana robledo. She be streaming live as she flaunts herself to children watching and she post links to websites she's on of sexual content.she needs to be taken down from streaming ASAP.she asking kids to go on her sites and donate to her content .its a outrage.

  13. What were people wrong about with the coof??cool??? Everythi g we said came to fruition. Why does Jeremy have to throw that phrase in there just to appease the people that "don't even have to think about it"?

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