Joe Rogan: Brian Stelter Works For World Economic Forum Now

Joe gives his thoughts on Brain Stelter working for WEF now.

Clip From JRE #1940 w/ Matt Taibbi

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Written by The Roganites


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  1. News flash- every left leaning voter is responsible for the WEF. It’s not like this was a secret 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! The most evil people in history- lefties in America of recent years.

  2. Those who can only access the most primitive parts of their reptilian brains 🧠 isnt just evil they really believe in the pantheon of excuses on top of excuses.
    100% reformed modern day pagans .
    The climate and environment is to blame you must serve it. Clean out a safe space for the oracles to speak like Greta.jon Stewart, bill nye or Neil degrasee.
    Etymology ,definitions and revisionist history are all their obsession because they dont want to be exposed by it so must change it to suit their beliefs and world views.

  3. There is no excuse for Brian Stelter willingly lying and deceiving people on a daily basis. If your employer is requiring you to do that, that is when you get a different employer.

  4. Damn, JR is going full q-anon. I like to hear the criticism of the political elite but he just stays silent on the CPAC crowd. I mean Christ, the GOP is at the top of the corrupt politicians; they just know what type of dumb weekly talking points to throw into the ether for people to eat up (e.g. critical race theory, gender, abortion rights, etc.)

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