Joe Rogan DEFENDS Aaron Rodgers Over Vaccine Status, Green Bay Packers FINED Over NFL Protocol Fail

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss Joe Rogan’s reaction to the Aaron Rodgers vaccination controversy.

Aaron Rodgers image courtesy of AP Photo/Rick Scuteri.

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  1. Ryan, not all of the drugs work, and look at the billions Pfizer has paid in fines, plus the fact they seem to have tampered with their data…they don’t deserve one ounce of trust.

  2. Thank you for acknowledging Pfizer's responsibility in failing to disseminate vaccines to undeveloped nations. Many poor countries will not recieve a single dose until 2023/2024. They put such sweeping demads on governments re: distribution of their products. Meanwhile, they continue to foist arbritrary boosters here. They need to stop treating the unvaccinated as if they are perpetually infectious! Chances are that most already have Natural Immunity. The conversations need to change!

  3. Animals rioted, burned down cities and killed innocent people during the summer of 2020 and got zero bad press from cnn msdnc and other fake news outlets but Aaron Rodgers is a bad guy for not wanting to take a experimental gene therapy that's giving healthy people heart attacks, blood clots and other scary health issues

  4. Wierd how much media attention this is getting, compared to Fauci lying about gain-of-function research, or both Fauci and Pelosi lying that there would not be vaccine mandates. Seems like these should be getting 10x the coverage. But yeah, super healthy athletes who don't want a vaccine are the real problem. Also since the vaccine doesn't stop the spread how will more vaccination end the pandemic?

  5. Anyone who wants to be vaccinated should be vaccinated. You want all the boosters, that’s your right. NONE of us should be complying with the COVID passports. I pray people wake up to how important this truly is.

  6. 1 size does not fit all! I prepped my immune system and just got over Covid with a low grade fever for 6 days, I also took ivermectin within hours of testing positive and it definitely had immediate results within 3 hours.
    With a prepped and prepared immune system and early treatment medicines it can be an easy disease to get through!

  7. No one cares about Rodgers vaccination status, the issue was not following protocol, many quarterbacks are not vaccinated and were reinfected recently no one bothered them, Carson Wentz, Lamar Jackson, the didn't violate protocol and potentially expose people at news conferences.

  8. And my other personal favorite….. VitD levels above 50 60 70 80 ngml.. woohoo with magnesium this activates the VitD….and k2mk7 regulates calcium out of the blood and into the bones.. woohoo..

  9. People should not need to have to explain themselves end of story. If they will not present peer reviewed science without big pharma influence then the Mandates and criticisms are not valid. Pfizer and Co are complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity.

  10. More than 1000 people die everyday, c’mon people you need to look at numbers in context of population sizes or the numbers are meaningless and completely misleading.

  11. The Pfizer CEO wouldn't even get the vaccine himself until he saw the real life data of how safe and how unsafe it is. Then he was finally able to gauge his own risk of adverse side effects.

  12. I'd expect people to lie only because brainwashed fools will treat you like a rapists putting something in them without permission…. exposing me…..omg.
    I think people should lie to prove they are free to and because IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

  13. "People spreading misinformation are responsible for millions of deaths." What about the misinformation of completely asinine logic stating that the pandemic will be over when the unvaccinated get the jab, when you don't have to look farther than 4 basketball players on the same team getting Covid, all being vaccinated? Robbie in this clip got a breakthrough case, as did nearly my entire dentists office. They are not rare, 1/4 to 1/3 of Covid patients in some hospitals are breakthrough cases it has been reported. 100 percent vaccination is not going to stop it from spreading, so mandates make no bleeping logical sense!

  14. All of this battle is over the wrong issue. Vaccinated or not is irrelevant because the point is, he lied. He led people on to believe he was vaccinated when he wasn’t. So is he really a champion for the unvaccinated? He played both sides and betrayed people.

  15. Bravo Kim! This was great! I think we may have witnessed a turning point when even the complacent and complicit are running out of patience and becoming suspicious. Kim is gradually and skillfully turning her co-hosts around to her way of thinking about these jabs. This was the first time that I have ever heard them utter a true criticism on this.

  16. 15 days to flatten the curve (almost 2 years later)..Natural immunity, 3 different vaccines, booster shots, 99.5% initial survival rate if you have no comorbidities ……Serious question: when or what will it take to it to be ok to get back with normal life? Never. Power and Money won't allow it.

  17. When are people going to really start drilling down and track the finances / money flow of these Pharmaceutical company’s? Saying everyone needs the vaccine and boosters……………. “The pandemic is going to end when everyone is vaccinated” really means the pandemic will end when we have maximized as much profits as possible and lined the politicians pockets to pave the way.

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