Joe Rogan DEMOLISHES CNN’s Sanjay Gupta

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Joe Rogan recently hosted CNN’s Sanjay Gupta on his podcast, and was not pleased with the way Gupta’s network smeared him as having taken “horse dewormer.” In response Sanjay Gupta appeared deferential to Joe Rogan’s concerns, only to once more tow the party line when reunited with his CNN colleagues.

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Written by Lauren Chen


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  1. The idea that Joe would resort to violence over a conversation is ridiculous. In his entire podcast career, he has never even shown a potential for violence toward a guest. If you want proof, look up his video from Fear Factor. Even when a participant attacked him, he only restrained the man and tried to deescalate the situation. A lesser man would have knocked the guy out and been entirely justified. Even at that much younger age, he was totally professional. And people don't generally get more violent as they get older.

  2. Giving Rogan any sort of confirmation could have been career ending for Gupta. So it's hardly surprising that he played stupid. I'm more surprised that he appeared on the Rogan show.

  3. Rogan points out the disproportionate risk to children.
    Gupta counters with data from Israel.
    Rogan points out that data is for the entire population.
    The very next day Gupta reintroduces the same irrelevant data as proof.
    Perhaps Gupta was mistaken the first time, the second time it is just a Lie.

  4. No wonder faith in institutions is at an all time low. The blatant lies only hurt their own cause. It baffles me how these people don't see that. No one likes to be lied too.

  5. Everyone on every news channel is bought off news was made for misinformation and manipulation by the military wake up everything has been approved and checked by the government before you even know about it…. Christ take me now

  6. No he didn't and this is why 3 hour format is not great you can take a bunch clips put them out of context and make it seem like Joe Rogan did good when he got his skull caved in. Trained medical doctor>pod caster and MMA expert on these matters sorry. When you car broken do let random strange off the street to try and fix it? or do you take it to a automotive expert people THINK!

  7. All those organizations that intentionally spread false info should be punished. It isn't just about Joe, it's about so much. They blatantly lie all the time. Some one needs to sue all the liar media

  8. The elite mr. Sanjay Gupta has become a TOOL of the establishment overlords, this quack seems to be under the impression that he is indispensable, they will throw him under the bus just like everyone else when they're done using him without hesitation. So sad for him, I'm sure he used to be quite respectable.

  9. Gupta is clearly a bought off corporate Pharma/CNN stooge. Best part of Rogans interview was when he said if CNN lied about him what are saying about Russia or Syria. Clearly they are lying about Russia and Syria as well as China and 10+ other countries

  10. Excellent breakdown of this ridiculous situation. The world I once knew just doesn't exist anymore. You can no longer have logical discussions about actually data that conflict with mainstream media propaganda. That's actually terrifying.

  11. Just because it technically isn't lying to say that it's a vetenary drug it still used to treat humans, the fact that they would say it's for animals is incredibly misleading for millions of people that really on them for political news is one hundred percent wrong smh!

  12. Ah yes, a catty after the fact op Ed with a completely distorted view of reality and a message different than what was said in person at the time. Typical leftist male. I wonder if Sanjay could use some midol

  13. Anyone who knows what VAERS is, knows that Joe Rogan doesn't fully understand the study that he brings up, and that Dr. Gupta missed a clear chance to slam the breaks on Joe's steamrolling over him.

    I have a video explaining VAERS, on my page for whoever wants to be armed with the knowledge to understand what's actually going on with that study, instead of getting mislead by Joe Rogan.

  14. Lauren, you hit the nail on the head… Sanjay Gupta gave the answers of an IDEALOGUE who is wholly beholden to his employer. Couldn't have said better. Makes me wonder what caliber of doctor he really is.

  15. I loved Joe grilling Gupta, but I do understand the myocardist vs going to the hospital with Covid comparison. It kind of twists of cherry picks info. But Gupta needs to do a better job at times. There was a lot of great conversation in this podcast and Gupta does have some better discourse later that isnt shown. I do think Gupta needs to do better and not be worried what CNN will think and stop being disingenuous

  16. Yeah, so think of the response anyone trying to present to ANY Dr. regarding any adverse reaction they may have. Even knowing that in such a huge population they are inevitable.

  17. I dont think that the study Joe did show is totally fair comparison as it based on hospitalization in a period where more people are being vaccinated then being exposed to covid. Gupta counter argument would of been much better arguing that more people have been exposed to a vaccine within the last few months then to covid. The only fair 1 to 1 comparison would be a randomized clinical trail looking at odd ratios between different AE and SAE which is a fair comparison. then he should shown that data to be debunk the study mentioned.

    Good of Joe to out smart CNN doctor and call them out on lieing about him

  18. Joe Rogan is anti vaccine for people he thinks are according to him, too healthy to need to worry about the covid virus. Whatever that means. Plus Rogan can take thousands of dollars worth of meds in lieu of the vaccine while normal people can't. So he is doing damage there as well.

  19. I know the NPC meme is probably overplayed but holy shit it seriously is like watching a machine struggle with something outside its programming. Of course the doc is intelligent enough to understand the data being presented to him, but he just cannot bring himself to say anything that may be seen as going against "the message:"
    "If vaccine_status= false,

  20. This is the most one sided smackdown i've seen. Joe rogan demolished him without even laying a finger on him. He wasn't taking any shit. He put him on the spot. Gupta couldn't find any weak spots to exploit. Gupta's arrogance resulted in one of the most embarrassing defeats i've ever seen. I aspire to be as confident as Joe Rogan someday

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