Joe Rogan DESTROYS MSM As Jon Stewart SLAMS Its LIES

As Newsweek reports a Jon Stewart joke as a genuine story, we ask, will the mainstream media say anything to stay in business?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The saddest thing is we are losing our ability to laugh at ourselves. We are so concerned with offending someone that we are not speaking out on what we think anymore right or wrong. Our comedians have really felt this, a great example is Chapelle. We need people like Rogan or Stewart right or wrong. We are all under threat by technology and governments control of it. Artificial Intelligence will be taken over by the Oligarchs and elites to control our every move. We haven't confronted facebook about stealing our information and using it against us. Wonder why? China is already a heavily surveilled country to keep people scared and in line. The algorithms should reward free thinking but not weaponize it. Causing war and discord based on what the elites want to feed their never ending hunger for greed and power doesn't sound like democracy to me. Journalists are told what to cover now. I pray Youtube remains a free space. Who knows, this might already be run through some kind of algorithm.

  2. Obviously I'm not saying you're like an African White Space-Christ, that's for other people to say if they think you're like Jesus… But Russell, you have the humility of a humble God. And thank you for what you do bruva.

  3. Why is ANYONE in the world still listening to the MSM? We know they lie. They know we know they lie. We know they know that we know they lie. Yet they keep lying and people keep listening?
    If you think about it, they have no motive to stop lying.

  4. We need to get back to the point where we can in a very civilized manner have disagreements and discussions and enlightenment and perhaps respect each other‘s point of you even if we don’t agree with it. John Stewart, Bill Maher, are great examples of liberals who may not agree with conservatives, but have the decency to have the discussion.

  5. I haven't watched or listened the mainstream media for a long time, and in terms of a specific topic, and Newsweek's attack on John Stewart's impression of how bankers looks like in "Harry Potter", it's about running away from answering the question: Who rules the world?

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