Joe Rogan Discusses Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub Catching Coronavirus

Taken from JRE Fight Companion July 11, 2020:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. Rogan morphing into a complete shill. hydroxychloroquine is absolutely not a treatment for covid. The reason Bryan had it worse is because he's almost 80!

  2. Jesus Christ. Joe. I am a biochemist. I can ASSURE you it's not man-made. It is SUPER easy to tell just by looking at it. HCL DOES NOT WORK ON CASES LIKE THESE. MDs are not experts. They don't know shit about immunological research. They need SIX YEARS more education to be a research immunologist. Callen is 52 and not a god damn elite athlete. You cant accept all the studies on vitamins and ignore the ones on Covid. The HCL study that keeps going around by Henry Ford has been debunked by experts so many times its disgusting. Its like the one anti-vaxx study.

  3. Karma that Schaub got it….trying to tell people it was nothing and making fun of it. I do hope he makes a full recovery, nobody deserves to get fucked up no matter how stupid they are.

  4. Why does Callen think vitamins don't work…probably because they don't and can even be harmful: From the FDA conclusion from long term observational studies "Decades of research has failed to find any substantial evidence that vitamins and supplements do any significant good." and "In fact, recent studies skew in the opposite direction, having found that certain vitamins may be bad for you." I'm not sure how or why Rogan has avoided this info about most vitamins. He either has his head in the sand on this topic or is being duped by people from that industry. Any event, no Joe, Callen is correct, they don't work.

  5. LOL, UV light kills it? I'm so shocked so many people have been out in the sun and are still sick and then some died. Fu*king wacko.

  6. Joe,” If you had a wrestling match with COVID -19, how do you think you’d do?” Brendan, “Straight up wrestling match? I think people would be surprised .” Joe,”I think YOU’D be surprised .”

  7. No one going to talk about how Hydroxychloroquine actually works and trump was correct while the media tried to make it out to be the worst drug humanity has ever seen?!

  8. Callen’s thoughts on Vitamins are substantiated by medical research that says we don’t absorb them in pill form. I am not saying these iv’s don’t work, I am saying that all these, ‘One a day multi’s,’ are just another scam.

    Did anyone catch Joe’s interview with Micheal Osterholm where he was completely floored by his guest saying the data says all the Probiotics regardless of their potency are ineffective! Think of all the millions of dollars wasted on that product alone. Joe turns a deaf ear to this shit because he owns a supplement company and relies on gullible patrons.