Joe Rogan Experience #1242 – Tim Pool

Tim Pool is an independent journalist. His work can currently be found at and on his YouTube channel:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. Tim, you stated the issue of too much power in the hands of elites, allowing them to influence politics. I think increased taxation has too many complex economic consequences which are not desirable and could hurt the economy. If the issue we are trying to solve is limiting elitist influence on our politics, then we should target this specifically. Campaign finance reform, term limits and other similar steps could help.

  2. The solutions are not crazy high progressive taxes or socialist style govt run industries.
    The way to handle too big to fail, or industries with too much power like the media or banking is to occasionally reshuffle the deck like teddy Roosevelt did or how the Bell Corp was handled. Monopolies need to be strictly controlled. It's painful in the short term but it leads to innovation, competition and better service to the consumer.
    Taking a private citizen's wealth thru taxation inhibits all of the above positive characteristics.

  3. If liberals mouth pieces are celebs & Media outlets & corporations pull the strings$ for who says what … where is the party headed? … who becomes president?

  4. NOBODY is talking about the arsenists around Medford. All the fires are in major cities down i-5.. There have been confirmed arrests of people starting fires . It was on the police scanner report last night

  5. If Trump cannot win this election he and Putin are planning to steal it.

    Please, if you care about justice and care for your loved ones and country, don't be distracted by the small stuff….please consider the following scenario and then actual, confirming developments:

    Trump loses the election. He has already publicly established, in his bases collective mind, that for him to lose, the election was patently rigged.
    On cue Barr takes to the podium and announces that the DOJ etc are in possession of confidential evidence, that there has been major electoral fraud. The said confidential evidence was, not surprisingly, gathered by Trumps (in reality, illegal) unilaterally appointed, polling booth monitors. Barr says none of the evidence can be released, as it will potentially compromise their investigations.
    Meanwhile Trump takes to Twitter, reminding he saw this coming, as per his innumerable predictions, and that it was obviously Chinese and hard left wing fascist operatives who are responsible.
    Mainly Democratic citizens react to the setup and take to the streets to publicly protest.
    On cue, Trump Twitters that those aforementioned Chinese and fascist operatives, have now incited chaos in the streets, as an overture to insurrection and takeover. Trump says he alone is prepared to protect American democracy, justifying Barr and Trump sending in controllers (as per their earlier trial runs), and escalate the confusion and violence.
    On cue, again via Twitter, Trump incites and thereby mobilises his heavily armed Grey Coat militia base, Twittering that, totally independent of anyones implied encouragement, his patriotic supporters….the real Americans, are rightly incensed and are understandably preparing to be patriotically pro-active. He threatens, but tactically stops short of, declaring Martial Law, at that stage. If the military are activated by Trump as CIC, he has to have his armed malitia stood down; the last thing he actually wants.
    The pro-Trump civil Police are unmotivated to protect the unarmed protesters and they are totally out numbered and out gunned anyway.
    Trump then Twitters that he hopes nothing bad happens, but that he will gladly administer pardons to patriots defending themselves and rightiousness. 
    The simmering situation is thereby pushed to trigger point, sparking the mass use of firearms and carnage ensues.
    Trump and Barr etc, then stand at the podium, again on cue, declaring a State of Emergency, saying this time there was only fine people on one side….Trumps militia. Trump then formally invokes Martial Law and indefinitely suspends Congress.
    The Pentagon and underlying military personnell, are circumstantially forced to split into two groups; those for Trump and therefore prepared to protect him and keep him in the White House, and those loyal to the rule of democracy.
    The Trump supporting arm of the military then, for all practical purposes, join in with Trumps militia. We then have a Trump supported military coup and America is poised to descend into Dictatorship, with no legally empowered entity, capable of counter lethal force to halt the descent.
    Meanwhile, actual developments in 'real time', consistent with the scenario: Trump knowingly breaches the Hatch Act and stages the RNC on the grounds of the Whitehouse; demonstrating that henceforth it is Trumphouse. In his opening statements Trump refers to being President for the next 12 years.
    Trump instructs that Congress no longer receives updates on potential electoral interference.
    As per 2016, Russia again engages planted rabble-rousers; this time to encourage and ramp up civil chaos in Democratic governed States. Trump obediently follows Putin's instruction to exploit the opening wound.
    Barr begins to mirror Trumps prediction that mail-in voting is going to lead to fraud.

    Good Bye America.


  6. I enjoy watching Joe's show, he addresses a lot of interesting topics. However, I feel that sometimes he needs to support his statements with data otherwise they become just mere assumptions. Consequently, the conversation becomes gassy and people are not well informed which I think is the objective of the show. Furthermore, people can be unintentionally mislead and develop inaccurate perceptions and stereotypes. For example, the idea that Asian Americans make more money than other demographic groups in America.

    Also, great with telling us who is the guest. The international audience not always knows about them.