Joe Rogan Experience #1494 – Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein was a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. He is now hosting “Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse Podcast” available on Apple Podcasts and YouTube. @Bret Weinstein

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. I’m sorry but his explanation of systematic racism is the definition is great! I’ve had been in unable to articulate my feelings until now, he hit the nail on the head.

    I’m lived in the South for 26 years and I always felt something off I just clumsy said racism and got now where quick.

  2. If you don't remove all MONEY from politics, real campaign finance reform, you will always have both parties chasing and serving the monied interests. Imagine if a politician actually had to court voters instead of courting Wall Street and millionaires to get elected. The people are EFFED!

  3. Drunk drvers kill people everyday…. of course they should be arrested. How would you like one to run over your child. Your opinion would chsnge.

  4. So Joe Rogan is willing to allow drunk drivers who are friendly and compliant to just take an Uber home. MAD spent all these years fighting for laws to hold drunk drivers "accountable", now we no longer arrest them, just let them go home. I used to like this cat, but he seems to advocate for decriminalizing drunk driving? Either you arrest a criminal, or you don't. I guess we just wait for him to KILL someone first? Welcome to the new and improved America, brought to you by yet another corporation, Spotify. How about we decriminalize EVERYTHING. That would result in NO criminal deaths, just their victims. This is catching on people, get ready for what is to come.

  5. Joe is off base about Rayshard Brooks. I listened to an interview with Brandon Tatum who's a former Police Officer. He said that since Rayshard was drunk and passed out in the drive thru at Wendy's, once the police are called and they see that he was drunk they can not let him go. If they drove him home and he decided to leave his house and took another car; drove again and killed someone b/c he's drunk and really unable to drive then the victims of his drunk driving could turn around and sue the Police force.
    Of course the Wendy's management is going to call the Police. Would you go out into a dark parking lot and wake up a drunk who had passed out in the drive thru? Maybe Joe would, b/c he's a bad ass
    but Brett wouldn't and neither would I. So of course the Police were called.
    Brandon explained that once Rayshard Brooks grabbed the taser, he became dangerous. He said that the Police are trained how to use tasers. Mr. Brooks as an average citizen probably had not.
    If the taser hits someone in the face, it could go into the brain. There's not much muscle to protect the face, nothing to protect the eyes. So the taser is considered a dangerous weapon. After watching this video, I know understand that the shooting was valid. We really can't judge the Police, without being one. The officers in the Rayshard Brooks should not be arrested and as time goes by, no one is really talking about Mr. Brooks b/c the shooting, although awful, was justified.

  6. I don't like listening to this guy cuz he scares the hell out of me and I dont like being scared. Like tell me something good dammit. For example tell me there was a remote island off the cost of Florida that just surfaced that is inhabited by 20 year old 110 lbs naked women. See that would be good. See the difference?

  7. Rayshard Brooks was NOT "just a good guy who got drunk." He was so drunk that he passed out WHILE DRIVING. That alone is worth arresting him. However that's not all he did. He was a convicted felon who had gone to prison for FELONY CHILD CRUELTY. He was on probation at the time of his drunk driving. No pity for him.

  8. Communities WERE being improved. Unemployment was down because businesses were growing. Growing businesses and investment into lower income areas provides jobs and pathways of opportunity out of poverty. But now those businesses have been burned to the ground. Progress in those communities have been set back at least a decade.

  9. Joe’s take on drunk drivers does not work. It used to be that way. But then thousands died from drunk driving. If the guy was asking for an Uber, why did he not just start with an Uber. That’s because most drunk drivers drive drunk a lot. To act like police training stops after a 24 week academy is the only training an officer gets is silly and untrue.

  10. Bret Weinstein suffers from the same affliction that hobbles all liberals. They have a vision of what the world should be, but it completely ignores human nature. At the end of the day people are selfish, and could honestly care less what happens to other people. Take Bret as a prime example. He talks about equality, and how most wealth is very concentrated. I don't know exactly what he's worth, but I do know he's one of the people who have the wealth. Now I personally think its great, he earned it. If he was a true believer though, he'd keep only enough to live a mildly comfortable life, and use the rest for the betterment of others. Why doesn't he? When exactly is the first liberal going to live by morals they preach? Why does he need government to force him to do it? He's just another hypocritical talking head. He has grand ideas of the utopian society, but is unwilling to take the first step.

  11. … we have a general systemic lack of reason … – Brett Weinstein
    The culture of science is rotten ..
    Amen . Three generations of my family were killed by medical science.. And no one cares …
    PS ~ I was given VIOXX w/o prescription in Jan 2002 & suffered a massive heart attack . There was no proof I had the meds bc the doctor gave me “ free samples “ from his vendor ( they cannot be traced ) – I didn’t have arthritis .. I was suffering pain from a crush injury from a car accident .. ~ I don’t have any trust the medical industry..

  12. The reason the whole world looks up to us is not because we have any moral values (not even on paper).
    It's only because we use tricks, money and might to influence the world to follow us. We're the biggest funder of the UN, we have the most number of military bases around the world. We're the greatest evil of our time and something will have to bring us down. If not, mother nature will intervene to bring us down

  13. So when a drunk driver kills someone's family like they did my friends if they would have pulled over and taken a nap you would have given them a ticket and sent them home in an Uber. NO the majority of people who choose not to drive drunk is because of the consequences. I think you're wrong on this one Joe Rogan.