Joe Rogan Experience #1536 – Edward Snowden

Former CIA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden shocked the world when he revealed the misdeeds of the US intelligence community and its allies. Now living in Russia, he is a noted privacy advocate and author who serves as president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. His book, Permanent Record, is now available in paperback from Henry Holt and Company.

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  2. It’s called legalism. It allows tyrants to make all political opposition and free people into criminals. Tyranny has crept in like cancer and the only treatment is justice administered by honorable men and women. Corrupt, political courts promote and protect tyrannical and unconstitutional acts.

  3. Snowden's question to Joe about "what warrant typically means" was just a simple way to allow joe to participate in the convo. I am sure Snowden hoped that he will just give a simple answer and allow him to elaborate, but of course Joe just keeps going. I swear Joe doesnt even understand what is goin half the time.

  4. I've always believed that the way to deal with the immense influence of social media on public discourse and the issue of deplatforming is to break up some of these monopolies.

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