Joe Rogan Exposes Democrats Denying Biden’s Dementia

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  1. Tulsi was my Democrat pick, smokin hot, big tits, youthful vigor, all good things. I’m fairly conservative but I don’t want elections to be this easy. Joe Biden is a fraud, he’s only on the ticket to cover the Obama administration’s abuse of national security assets to secure their party’s hold on power.

  2. I really wish that Rogan had endorsed Tulsi Gabbard… it wouldn't have changed the outcome, but it would have forced the DNC to recognize her…

    Eff Bernie and his weak-ass heart.

  3. Tip of the day: The US national election is sham. – We already know how this freak show will end. …… Trump will have another 4 years. – As on 911, the’ll be more dancing Israelis after Election Day. Bibi says let’s just cut the charade: I’ll run things directly from the Oval Office; Trump can serve as advisor.

  4. If 4 years ago someone would tell me that Jimmy Dore would be one of the most principled leftist in media I would have laughed.
    I disagree with probably 90% of his political views, but he has stood for his principles against the hate of today's left and that is pretty damn cool..So I come here to see what the left is really thinking and to get out of my right leaning bubble to learn..Thanks Jimmy for providing a place where I can see a different political side that is trustworthy and principled..

  5. Current news September 2020 Harris who didn't make it through the debates is now going to be president because it is a bait and switch they're going to push button side and they said it right in front of a million Americans this is illegal

  6. U.are about the stupid you always get it wrong lam so gade there people who see you and joe for who you are we have been telling people like you for years so we decided to let you know Trump has done what he said he was going to do no matter what you people cry all the time but you asses keep on i went to bed the night Trump was elected president sleep like a baby see your problems are we could not get people like you to help us out when Obama Biden Hillary Clinton doing the things she was doing and Obama now for Burnie you are the biggest fool in history if you think he will ever be president not would never happen so now stand up for Americans put your time in to Pelosi your democrat praty is gone but you and joe just don't get it meddle Americans are sick of being called racist our jobs were gone were the hell were you and joe we put Trump in office to make you wake the hell up its on both sides you asshole want to give our country away and yes we do need change with our medical problems but when states like California new York and other states are trying to take us over and make it your praty rules over the rest of us ?? we are not going to let people like you and joe and others millionaire get our country and give it away Trump their because we the racist people as your leaders call us put him thier and remember he is trying to do what he said he would do who are we are the real Americans of all colors we are the forgotten one's dame given our country away were l live we all have fun and look after each other white black what ever color you remember your democrats cities are the ones bruneing you're democrats government is defunding your police we are setting back and watching yall brune so don't be mad its your and Joe's ass that has done this now just stay out of it i do agree with alot of what you and joe say but we will not be ruled by soros and the democrat party tell the people the right news show us about soros and him owning the democrat party and you will understand do that you and joe i bet you want be on the air long don't dissmiss him look him up that you're problem tell America if you don't know you should go off the air he is evil do that show who he really is your great reporter thats in jail who do you think put him there and yes Trump no about it so that's why I say it on both sides thank you

  7. Biden's loss will be EPIC… But not unexpected. On a similar note, Bernie should apologize to the American people for not standing up for us when it mattered most, twice even.

  8. Just watched this video 5 months after the fact and had to sit through a Biden ad where he says vote for me and I'll keep America safe during this virus. The guy has literally been hiding in his basement for months. Watching his campaigning speeches that are barely coherent, and hearing rumors he won't answer questions unless he has a teleprompter. The green party has just been taken off the ballots in my state and I hate not having a choice or a good choice.

  9. Please support and subscribe to the following YouTube channels: Secular Talk, The Hill,  The Majority Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, TBTV, Useful Idiots on Rolling Stone, The Amazing Atheist, The Humanist Report , David Pakman Show, Christo Aivalis, Status Coup and LastWeekTonight w/James Oliver if I left anyone out please tell me who?

  10. I'm wondering when the very unfunny and shitty talk garage boy, jimmy dore, will finally start hanging Trump Pence banners behind him. He's been campaigning for the Cheeto for the last 3 and a half years.