Joe Rogan exposes Sanjay Gupta and CNN’s propaganda

Joe Rogan exposes Sanjay Gupta and CNN’s propaganda

Written by Mercennarius


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  1. I agree with Joe on the topic that CNN (and all news outlets) have a bias and they engage in sensationalism, but the claim of it being "an outright lie" is not accurate. While doctors can and do prescribe ivermectin, it IS also a livestock dewormer, they are one and the same so Joe is doing his own version of sensationalism in this piece.

  2. I had to get tested for hep A and B before undergoing vaccination because the Dr said it could be dangerous to get vaccinated for it if you've already got the antibodies, why would covid be any different

  3. How much bigger is Joe's audience? Many more millionaires and billionaires listen to his podcast! Because it's a podcast for the people… Fuck mainstream media…. Let's go Biden!

  4. Joe these men are WICKED he is talking SHIT & he is trying to Side track on the Conversation, I like how you open up his ASS UP. I would have loved to use some expletive hearing him, thank GOD I DON'T.

  5. Rogan is partially incorrect. Ivermectin is used for livestock . True, Ivermectin was considered a miracle drug decades for poor countries, killing parasites. However, there are no studies that support Ivermectin as a remedy to protect against Covid-19.

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