Joe Rogan Got Me Over COVID, Says UFC CEO Dana White

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  1. Do not take Duramectin, it's the Horse IVMCTN. It has 1.87% IVMCTN. Take Sandoz IVMCTN. It's a tablet not a paste. 20 pills in a box. That's what Rogan used. There are ppl who mistaking the one for the other. Humans take pills people.

  2. If these other treatments were seen to be effective by the general public, and acknowledged as such by the FDA & CDC, they would have a much more difficult time getting that necessary "Emergency Use Authorization" that enabled their permission to rush the vaccine by eliminating or reducing many of the testing steps normally REQUIRED before releasing a new & novel vaccine type onto the general public = ESPECIALLY if intended for use by infants or pregnant women. THAT'S why.

  3. Funny how the Tax payers have to pay for meds that was funded by the tax payers for big pharma to test and roll out. Think the tax papers need their cut of Pfizers 33 billion they made on the poke. If pfizer gave every tax paper their cut usa would have a flourishing economy

  4. I watched Piere Korey testify to US Congress about IVERMECTIN in Dec 2020 and it has been surpressed ever since. That told me all I.needed to know. Its starting to come out now.

  5. Thanks Jimmy for exposing the propaganda aka lies of big pharmaceutical but it still amazes me how intelligent people spout out and repeat establishment talking points and misinformation Highly educated people with hugely successful careers acting like sheep being led to slaughter

  6. I wish I knew how to like this more than once… this, like most of Jimmy's new uploads, just keeps topping the next one… and I'm not even talking about the Joe Rogan first half of the video… its the whole second half of this video, Jimmy you are the man… Your big right wing check is about to be offered, but please don't take it.. we need you right here spitting the facts telling us how it is.. great upload..

  7. What's sorta mind blowing is that, like Jim Breuer pointed out on his show months ago, most people treated their Covid symptoms with chicken noodle soup, as recommended by their doctor, and were just fine.

  8. Think about it, if the elite like Obama have a birthday party with hundreds of guest without worrying getting infected.
    Is it possible there is a treatment that works and they keep it for themselves while they use the virus to control people

  9. I had one bad day with Covid. The rest was low energy. Me and the other 99% of people CDC said would recover naturally without any treatment other than Tylenol. This IS the era of shakeout medicine and mandates.

  10. Jimmy!! You're missing a ton of corruption in the stock market this year pertaining to GME! there is a storm coming and the SEC hasn't warned (directly lied in GME report) the general public! Greatest transfer of wealth is incoming

  11. There are two types of people. Those that read history and Orwells "1984" and see it as a warning to avoid all the mistakes at ALL costs…
    …and those that read it as a studyguide and game play book. I know which we have in control in USA

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