Joe Rogan | How Antifa Organizes w/Andy Ngo

Taken from JRE #1323 w/Andy Ngo:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. Can we stop pretending Antifa has any goals? Theyre a terrorist organization plain and simple and your government is in bed with them. Sad times.

  2. Fascism is NOT a right wing ideology!!!!!!! The Nazis were "National Socialists" and socialists are left wing. Antifa are communist terrorists who want to overthrow any free nation and impose hard like Soviet style Marxism.

  3. ANTIFA/BLM needs to be exposed to the public for what they are thug mob of leftist terrorism backed by the democratic party too bad the media cant tell the truth .

  4. ANTIFA/BLM organizers need to shipped to a black site in Poland and beaten with a soft cover phonebook (old school) until they give up there handlers or give up the ghost. Dont worry if anyone asks where they went,well underground like they normally do.

  5. Joe cracks jokes on a gay Asian man that is Republican…wouldn't dare be edgy against a leftist guest. Point in case…his interview with the Twitter brown shirts!!!!

  6. At this point antifa should be listed as terrorists and be considered enemies of the state. They are a threat to our very life as we know it. Destroy them, and our country is preserved.

  7. Why you dressin' this shit up? What is being discussed, being described is gangs, These are educated upper-class Bloods and Crips. Nothing more, nothing less.

  8. This guy is just making stuff up as he talks. Why go in there if you are basically asking to get beat up? He could have blended in to get in closer to this "group", but NO, he wanted to get that reaction. This guy has zero credibility

  9. Where's the FBI? Shouldn't they already have people on the inside of ANTIFA and BLM? Also, shouldn't they be running down where their money is coming from? I'd be interested to know who's behind these terror attacks and I want em prosecuted. Perhaps the FBI is so busy getting illegal FISA warrants to spy on Trump that they have no time to investigate legitimate criminals…

  10. Why is a woman as a men's rights advocate hilarious? I don't see the humor. Maybe a little irony? I mean not even though, if you're at all in tune with the shit going on in the world these days. Honestly, it just shows that there are still women out there that aren't brainwashed into thinking all men are evil.

    I mean I ain't trying to be a killjoy or nothin.. some of these movements are terrifying in their implications and while I get it, laughter is the best medicine, it's not always appropriate. In this instance, I could really care less that you find the topic humorous, I was just curious as to why you found it humorous. But I guess I get it now that I've watched past that part.

    And before you say humor is always appropriate, make sure next time there's someone in your audience who's family was just murdered, you go ahead and flame that dude and tell me how appropriate that shit was after you wake up from your coma.

  11. At @9:00, the definition of fascism. That is a definition determined by the political LEFT who predominate in all media. Of course they are going to turn that into a condemnation of their opponent, the Right. All those definitions listed …. radical, authoritarian, dictatorial, forcible suppresion of opposition, strong regimentation of society/economy …. are actually what the LEFT does when they get control. Control of anything. A whole society or just one part of it.