Joe Rogan is Worried About the Coronavirus

Taken from JRE #1426 w/Justin Martindale:

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  1. United States1820–1823 Yellow fever
    France in 1720, the disease killed a total of 100,000 people: 50,000 in the city during the next two years 
    Plague repeatedly struck the cities of North Africa. Algiers lost 30,000–50,000 to it in 1620
    Smallpox epidemic that gradually spread inward from the coast of Mexico and decimated the densely populated city of Tenochtitlan in 1520

  2. the simpsons predicted the virus and Tom Hanks being quarrentined in 2007
    Space Jam 1996 movie predicted NBA shutdown to protect the health of the players and the fans
    Sychic Silvia brown predicted the virus as well in 2008 so vividly?
    is this theatrical for them?

    do the research and you will see this isn't the first time they have done such things throughout the years?

  3. the corona virus is the bullshit. its just a deception and part of the depopulation agenda. nobody have dead from the corona virus in the streets. they all die inside these quarantine concentration camp. what ever they inject these people with, if they are not sick or dead already or at all, they surly will inside these detention centers. if peole die inside these camps, the media will just blame the virus. the docotors are pumping people blood full of all kind of stuff nobody knows what in it. sure they will get sick and die inside these places. if the police is comming to your home, run, run for your life and hide becasue there is no turning back if they lock you up. you will never get out of that place and most likey you will die in there. the corona propaganda is about totalarian regime and martial law take over in action. nobody is talking about privacy, nobody care about civilian rights. security is a excuse to treat you like a wild animal and lock you up. if you wan't to live, run and hide in a cave somewhere because that is your only chance. the centralized goverment have already established. they could not pull this propaganda off if it was not for the centralized news propaganda and google and the fake news agenda removing dissent from the equation. they now have full control of the masses. we are all hostages of this new global elite programming our minds with tv news propaganda. the news are telling you lies or stories that are not exactly what they say. the news don't tell your where people died , when and what ever they had injections or not. they only report death toll numbers. they are not giving you any information to debate.

  4. This is chemical warfare the same thing that the English did to the Indians you have massive influx of migrations of Middle Eastern people African people into European cities they're consolidating the populations and to tighten Italy groups so they can extinguish them to decrease the population of the world come on man how f**** stupid are you guys can you not actually see the plan this is what I would do if I wanted to decrease the population I would create a situation exactly like this

  5. Covid = Hoax + Scam ! Called : weak males & feared males brainwashing ! Mk uktra project ! Covid = Pharmacy Recashing agenda ! Called how rich get Richest & dumb folks stay poor ! That how it working Dude !