Joe Rogan Just Broke The Internet!


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  1. Love your channel but 10 more seconds you would hear him say sucks she worked for trump. He still hates trump and will not give a reason. He will never admit trump was the best thing since sliced bread

  2. remember what these leftys did. remember the last two year. hell the last six years. what have the demorats done for you or the people? mr hivemind needs to run videos of all their screw-ups to remind everyone. way too many to name. all their contradictions. plus all the media bull. remember when all you heard was trumps economy was a sugar high and soon to come crashing down. or he slandered fallen soldiers names at a cemetery. bombshell after bombshell of duds. the left has printed more money in these last few years than ever in history. they are lying straight to your face and changing definitions. they screw up and no one is held accountable or no one even has the decency to humble themselves to give an apology. they call the republicans and their supporters domestic terrorists. racist. sexist. white supremes. homophobes. phob-a-phobes. they say we are racial violents and what to dismantle the government. i dont even remember the last right wing violence event beside the jan 6 rally.

  3. The left is destroyed California. It's no longer the prettiest place to be it's the ugliest place to be in the nastiest place to be in the meanest place to be in the scariest place to be in the most dangerous place to be

  4. Mr Rogan, the thing that happened because of covid it brought so much more power to the Democrats and they loved it!! Why do you think they can't let go of it still and it's been over two years?!! We are in a bit of a quandary right now!! There enough far left Democrats to vote this garbage in again coming up in these elections?!! Or do they want to vote so we're free to do whatever the hell we want before covid!! That's what we have to worry about which direction are the citizens going to vote!! Is there more of them or more of us that's what's going to boil down to! Say the Republicans do when most of the elections Democrats are not going to let go of that power that easy no way they are going to start spreading stories stir in the pot with the antifa idiots which they're just dying to have another riot!! All those billionaires want to do a reset I'm sure you heard about it!! And to be honest with you it scares the living hell out of me! The riots that happened before that will be a picnic compared to what's coming next!! I just hope, no I pray that the American people use their freaking head logic not emotion!!

  5. This has to be said, the fact that black people haven’t opened their eyes to what’s going on does not say much for them. Seems the majority are gullible or they just love to punish themselves and then blame others after.
    You look at communities in large cities. Everyone sees the crime, murder, lack of jobs, housing projects etc and yet they continue to vote for the same people. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. I have watched your channel now for over 6 months. As a Libertarian I can say you do a good job of breaking down the Hypocrisy of the Socialist Progressive ideologues and presenting it in a manner which is easily digestible. Keep it up and do a good job. And yes I have met many undecided voters in the last 2 months whom all told me they want Desantis as President and in midterms will vote Republican.

  7. The summary is it was fun watching democrat politicians destroying themselves, and the fabulous fictious fabricated narratives they devised to attack Trump, 🤣 and it's all failed miserably for the brainwashed libtoids , including the climate cult 🙄.

  8. I saw headlines (which I studiously avoided clicking on) on my Google news feed that read something to the effect of "Watch Joe Rogan fail to correct misinformation from Aaron Rodgers". There is an incredibly long list of problems with that short statement, far longer in number than the number of words in the head line.

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